Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Michael Brooks Death Impact on the Left (a certain segment) - Rest in Power

Michael Brooks, a left light, died the other day at 37. What a sad day for the left and the progressive movement. I only became a fan a few months ago and his was my favorite podcast. I saw the tweet by Krystal Ball another of my faves. I recommend going to The Michael Brooks Show archives and checking it out.

Krystal Ball from Rising did a broken hearted tribute to Michael:

This past Saturday I discovered his Jacbin you tube show with Ana Kasparian from the young turks, an excellent interview with Vivek Chibber illuminating so many issues surrounding the left. I’m going to have to watch
it again and take notes because he echoed so much about my own experiences with the type of leftists he describes.

If you are interested in the problems and differences of the left, which we saw all too well inside the internal struggle in MORE between the now purged ICEUFT wing and the ISO(now disbanded) controlled alliance check out this video

where they dissect the identity/class/cancel culture (ICE was cancelled) debate which was really the essence of the disagreement in MORE - which I will delve into much more deeply at some point because all politics are local. In fact I learned so much over the 8 years or so I was involved with these issues inside MORE. I was turned on to Brooks and Sam Seder by Erik Mears who I met through MORE - a dynamic guy with great politics.

The Majority Report had a 4 hour tribute to Michael on Tuesday

7/21 Remembering Michael Brooks (1983 – 2020)

They interview Michael's bereft sister Lisha Brooks (she revealed he had a blood clot in his throat -- blood clots are happening to young people due to Covid issues though there is no proven connection yet) who promised to continue his work. In her last conversation with him Sunday night he expressed his increasing understanding of the problems with cancel culture and identity politics which he and Ana and Chibbeck went into in detail. (I will do a separate blog in more detail.

Here is the Jacobin tributes: Bhaskar Sunkara

Michael Brooks Was My Absolute Political Inspiration

I also think that if he had lived he would have been our Steve Bannon - who is a great strategist despite his politics.

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