Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kamala Harris as VP Will Cause Biden Harm - watch the polls and see if they drop if she is picked

Krystal and Saagar on Rising today pointed to some proof that Harris is the one and also point out that she brings nothing to the table - actually less than nothing.
  • She failed miserably on her presidential campaign, not even registering with black voters. It was disorganized and chaotic - just what we need. And she was far behind Bernie Sanders in her own state. She won't bring Biden any more black votes, so why pick her?
  • Here history on crime is not positive and along the lines of Amy Klobuchar who was knocked out by her record. They have a clip with Tulsi Gabbord taking her apart on her record.
  • They also point out her cozy relationship with Silicon Valley.
  • She is one of the phoniest politicians I've seen - which is saying a lot.
  • I personally find her phony and offensive. (Okay, they didn't include my opinion.) I would support just about any woman of color over her. Given I vote in New York I am actually considering casting my vote elsewhere if she is the choice to keep me from getting nauseous.
Watch the clip and weep.

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