Friday, August 7, 2020

Arthur Goldstein on FOX 5: DOE Needs to Hire More Teachers to Make opening Work and it isn't

NYC Educator makes a point about schools reopening.


  1. Arthur always does a great job.
    But, in reference to Cuomo's own guidance for reopening plans & procedures seems there is a lot missing for a safe reopening when considering unique needs of students, teachers and staff serving District 75. Look up vulnerable populations. As of yet there is no plan for daily exposure with unmasked individuals over extended periods of time, necessary professional PPE, training or procedures that limit exposure to other students, teacher's and staff. The essential "What, How, When, Where" information to safely proceed during a school day under these school opening plans. Further, some may question: Nurses?, Isolation rooms? Volunteer Staff?
    See below for the link that lays out the Governors conditions for districts to effectively submit Re-opening plans for Covid-19 pandemic safety in schools.

  2. a decent piece. I would love to hear the interview in its entirety.

  3. Excellent and insightful Arthur, as usual! Get rid of Mulgrew- lets get Arthur to run the UFT!


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