Sunday, April 18, 2021

UFT Mayoral Endorsement: Sunday 7 PM Educators of NYC Zooms in on Endorsement Process; Monday, special Ex Bd and DA

I wouldn't endorse any candidate who is for continuing mayoral control. But none of them want to give up that vast power over so much of the budget so I don't think it will every go away. Also the educational/industrial complex has a lot of money riding on continuing mayoral control which is a lynchpin of ed deform and undermining public schools. Like, given the performance of de Blasio, is there more or less support for public schools? Case closed.

Daniel Alicea of Educators of NYC has invited all caucuses to a zoom meeting tonight at 7PM to hold an open discussion regarding the process used in the UFT for the mayoral endorsement follies. Only room for 100 so sign up fast.

One of the ideas being floated is why endorse at all? MORE Caucus and friends is obviously backing Diane Morales, complained about why she was not included in final four but Yang was. A petition is being circulated calling for her to be interviewed Monday at the DA. I wonder if the UFT HAD picked Morales if we would be hearing complaints about process. 

But anyway, we know the process sucks no matter what because fundamentally, Mulgrew or his designee makes the choice and then the UFT figures out a process to ensure his choice gets the nomination. Most people think it will be Stringer and Wiley in some order since some top UFT officials are clearly backing Wiley.

We reported on the failure to endorse at the DA the other day -  

 In the meantime, the leadership has attempted to counter the critiques of the endorsement process with this:


Educators of NYC posted About this event

There's been a lot of discussion in the media and in all corners about our UFT political endorsement process. Everyone has their opinions on the process and who we should or shouldn't endorse. How can the process be improved? Should we even be in the business of endorsing politicians?

This Sunday, April 18th, at 7 PM, let's talk about it.

Join the discussion with our panelists of UFT leaders, chapter leaders, delegates, rank and file members and allies from all over the city, and our many diverse caucuses.

We will share our lineup of special guest panelists, shortly.

RSVP today. Space is limited to the first 100 participants. We will also live stream the event on Facebook Live as a watch party.

A Zoom link will be sent on Sunday to those who RSVPed.

This event is organized by Educators of NYC. We are a community of concerned and professional NYC public school educators.

Reimagine our schools with us.

Equity,democracy,accountability,responsiveness,unionism, and professionalism & pedagogy

Also James posted at ICE/UFT blog:


There is a special Delegate Assembly on Monday afternoon to endorse a UFT candidate for mayor. Everyone guesses the UFT will endorse Scott Stringer with some believing Maya Wiley has a chance to be second. Is this the right decision? Is the UFT top-down endorsement process fair?

If you are looking for a real discussion on the mayor's race and the Union's involvement, you will most likely be out of luck at the DA as it will more than likely be tightly controlled by Mulgrew. I predict a very long Michael Mulgrew filibuster where he will tout his chosen  candidate(s) as greater than FDR and JFK combined and then the hand picked Unity Delegates will be called on to agree with everything that Mulgrew says.  A dissident just might get to speak for 2 minutes but don't expect more than a token opportunity for someone to voice opposition to the Mulgrew's chosen candidate(s).

For a complete discussion of the UFT's political endorsement process, join Daniel Alicea's Educators of NYC on Sunday evening on Zoom. Daniel is bringing together representatives of a number of groups within the UFT, including ICEUFT for this forum. My wife Camille will be representing our caucus. I will certainly be on the Zoom.

And here's the petition from the Morales supporters

Petition circulated by Morales supporters in UFT

Sign on if so inclined!

Calling for Morales to be debated at the special Delegate Assembly (happening Monday after school!) and a transparent democratic process for endorsements:


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