Saturday, April 24, 2021

UFT Retiree Mocks Retiree Chapter Leadership over presentations (or lack thereof) on coming health care changes

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I'm closing my eyes and trying to imagine how nice it would have been to ask what an RFP is. Or how smooth and sexy "white glove concierge service" feels (while you're bleeding dollars and trying to find a specialist). 

Or to have screamed "Medicare Advantage? Are you kidding me?!!!" 

But alas, it's just a fantasy because, incredibly, after thirteen months (that's 13) there is still ZERO member interaction during remote RTC meetings. 




Thirteen months and a lifetime of Zooms. 

Thirteen months and the UFT IT department at your disposal. Still too complicated I suppose; haven't worked the bugs out. 

Don't worry kid, that color TV is just around the corner. No motions, no good and welfare, no resolutions, no chat, no debate, no questions, no answers, no satisfaction, no nothing. 

Just one big infomercial.

  The retiree natives are restless as the wires have been burning up since the news broke over proposed changes that would force medicare recipient retirees into an HMO where they would be forced to use only those doctors with all other kinds of paperwork bulwarks to treatment. I mean you don't save billions by INCREASING services. With UFT retiree chapter elections coming in a few weeks I wonder if word would spread enough about the union's betrayals to increase the Retiree Advocate/UFT Caucus votes this time? In the winner take all system, Unity gets all 300 delegates to the DA while we get NADA. Oh, we asked for a courtesy 5 delegates so at least our voters get some representation and were refused. UFT dues without representation. And I would extend that idea that we get no representatin at the AFT and NYSUT in their winner take all where they elect 750 and even if we got 49% would still get nothing. It seems there is a potential law suit about paying dues without getting representation but as I've preached in the past, first show you can get near 40% of the vote and then sue.

Or have a UF-T party.


  1. If all benefits will be as good, there is no need to change. Let’s have a rally to oppose this change. Maybe we should all STOP PAYING UNION DUES if they do this to us. The members should represented with what we want, if the don’t represent us we don’t need them and should not pay dues !

  2. Retirees pay much less in dues and also get some real benefits from union membership financially in reimbursements so it's really a wash.


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