Sunday, February 27, 2022

....and just sold out every New York City retiree


Welcome City of New York Active Employees!

This page is specifically for you, the active NYC worker. We want you to know that we were just like you, loyal union members in the City of New York. Many of us have been retired for 10, 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years already. We were made certain promises and had collective-bargaining agreements just like you do. Our agreements stated that the insurance we had in employment would continue into retirement until our death. As Retirees, we are also entitled to Medicare B reimbursement. These are all benefits our unions won for us during our tenure.

Now, sadly it seems the union position which used to be protect its workers and Retirees, is making side deals behind your back and just sold out every New York City retiree.

And they used you to do it. You ratified your recent contracts incorporating a 2014 and 2018 agreement by the MLC into your contracts that permitted your union presidents to vote on an agreement to strip away to healthcare from every city retiree as we knew it, in order to benefit the active workers, and the money that went to our health insurance now goes to fund your raises and fill budget shortfalls.

You currently have a wide variety of insurance options as an employee. And so did we as Retirees. But your unions took all that away. Now we are being forced into one plan, and if we stay in the plan that we currently have, GHI, we have to pay a penalty premium for it. As a retiree, we no longer have union representation. No union is legally able to represent us. It is why the benefits we had at the time of our retirement is what we get to keep. We can’t vote on your contracts and we can’t vote on your union officers.

Here is a video explaining how this happened.

What you are going to hear is very disturbing. It was for us too, when we heard it, as we felt our unions sold us out. Unions, that were our families, or so we thought, for over 50 years. 

Listen to this presentation, then check our website and then check the NYS Court site for our filings.

We hope you will ask your Unions why they sold us out, and had you ratify the collective bargaining agreements that did.

You can find those agreements here

Unions always protected their retirees. We worked hard, accepted lower wages than our private counterparts, accepted 0% wage increases many times in order to maintain our benefits. Many of your unions told you there were no givebacks in this last round of bargaining, but they didn't tell you, we were the give back. Below, you will see the CBAs, and the provisions... if the savings on our backs are not realized, the unions may have to pay some of their incentive back. For example, here are a few CBAs that all reference the MLC June 2018 letter.

Do you know what that is?

2014 MLC/OLR agreement

2018 MLC/OLR agreement

** Sanitation See #11

** EMS See #12

** UFT See #5


We invite you to see our new series Faces of Retirees, we want you to meet a few retirees that this plan is going to impact financially. We want you to hear their voices and see their faces. Because One Day This Will Be You!


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About Our Mission

Retirees should not have to worry about their benefits in retirement. We earned these during the decades we gave back, took a 0% in collective bargaining, or paid it back with a give back. We should be able to enjoy our retirement because we earned it. For our former unions and the City of NY to strip benefits away from us, automatically enroll us in a private for profit Medicare plan, violate the contracts that were in place when we left, is a disgrace. Fight back. Together, let our voices be heard!
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  1. I was in-service UFT in 2018. We never actually saw a complete MOA as was typical of earlier times. So I voted against the agreement. I encouraged colleagues to do the same. (Some chapter leaders quietly told their people, uh,uh.) Few listened.


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