Wednesday, September 28, 2022

UFT Election Committee Meets: Cone of Silence Vaporizes Those Who Reveal Anything, The Play's the Thing - UFT Up for (lower) Broadway Tony

The Takeaway:  New contract will be the same as the old one with some minor tweaks.

The UFT Cone of Silence has descended on those who attended today's contract committee meeting with a new twist. The Cone has been electrified to zap anyone who repeats even a few words of what was discussed. I experienced this first hand as people who tried to call me with the latest info on the upcoming sell-out had their phones go dead to the sounds of loudly screaming their final words: And then Mulgrew said....... SILENCE --

Before the blackouts hit I managed to hear that the event was very well managed by the Unity machine. See, they haven't lost their mojo at what they do best - managing the membership. If the Negotiating committee '22 is made into a movie, the screenplay may win an Oscar. 

It's appropriate the play version is being performed on Broadway and is up for a Lower Broadway Tony - the only show in that part of  town. The magic in making the cast of 500 actually believe what they had to say counts is a miracle of UFT/Unity PR.

As for delivering a contract with real gains --- no worries - just vote NO now.

Ed Notes has covered The Cone over the years:

Thursday, June 23, 2022

VOTE NO on Whatever Contract Unity Negotiates/ Resist UFT Cone of Silence, Calls for Open Bargaining

Saturday, August 8, 2009
UFT Contract UFT Cast of Thousands Contract Committee
I raised some questions on the then 350 member Neg Comm, n



Anonymous said...

As a 25 year veteran NYC teacher, I am TERRIFIED of what the new contract may be like.

Anonymous said...

Be specific

Anonymous said...

This is classic: it doesn't matter what is in a proposed contract, you will be a 'no.' I am sure this doesn't go down well among the rest of the UFC-UFT, for whom voting 'no' under any and all circumstances is supposed to be the quiet part you don't say aloud.

ed notes online said...

I maintain my independent voice. My colleagues in UFC don't give a crap what I say. I'm a 20 year retiree and not very relevant. My main work is in Retiree Advocate and retirees don't vote on contracts - which is why there are chances to win a vote no vote. It does matter what is in the contract if it actually had some improvements instead of tweaks -- I would vote for it if lower class sizes were enshrined. But they won't be and I'd bet my pension on that. And name one improvement you see coming. How about the crappy grievance procedure? Last time there were a few good wrinkles on class size.

Anonymous said...

Bottom Line: If we are getting the expected 1-2 percent raise, the new contract MUST get rid of the extra Monday and Tuesday time. All of my colleagues are saying the exact same thing. I mean for christ skate, we are probably going to be paying more into insurance, the least the DOE can do is throw us a bone by getting rid of the Monday/Tuesday time. I'd also bet my pension that the meaningless contract survey had tens of thousands of teachers agreeing on eliminating the extra time. I wish there was a mole in the Negotiation Team.

Anonymous said...

I have 100 moles on the negotiation team. Meaningless.

ed notes online said...

You want to know specifics on why he's terrified? Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare - plus the pattern for salaries which will be paid for by healthcare savings ---

Anonymous said...

If you have 100 moles on the negotiation team, then please share what you know. As usual, Mulgoon is keeping everything a big secret till the sellout hits the DA.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to share. Dog and pony show.