Friday, September 16, 2022

Video: Shame - Sanitation workers confront MLC Chair Nespoli On Healthcare sellout - Will MLC Vice chair Mulgrew be next?

The awful presentations from Unity on healthcare at the Ex Bd meeting - Vinny and Mikey and maybe even Tom -- was pretty nauseating. Distortions - Mulgrew wants to change city council law - admin code 12-126 -  that protect us so he can screw us with Mulgrewcare.

To present these changes as a way to offer us choice is embarrassingly similar to the charter schools bleating choice, choice, choice as they try to replace the public school system with a privatized option -- exactly what Mulgrew is doing with our healthcare. 

Who ya gonna call?
Let me give you a simple example. I got a bill for $420 claiming Medicare didn't pay. My wife (who was in this field at a major hospital) called Medicare and got an answer from a civil servant- maybe unionized-  probably a long-termer who knew the ropes - almost immediately -- the doctor's office screwed up and they resubmitted the bill and Medicare was paying it. Under Mulgrewcare, she'd be calling Aetna or whatever private insurer they choose - you know private - who understaff to make more profit - and with high turnover. That's one aspect of Mulgrewcare.
People are pissed from multiple unions -- we got this message from a UFTer:
Maybe we need to  take a lesson from these Teamsters Local 831 activists. Perhaps we should also be in the streets at the UFT???
On September 8, 2022, protesters confronted Municipal Labor Committee chair and president of the Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association, Teamsters Local 831, Harry Nespoli at local 831 union offices in Manhattan. This protester said that the Municipal Labor Committee, a coalition that includes the city's largest unions, voted that morning to slash section 12-126 of the New York City Administrative Code. The section stipulates that the city pays the full cost of health insurance coverage for current and retired city employees.

WATCH the full protest on the NYC for Yourself Rumble channel:

Mulgrew obscene use of choice: Less choice of doctors and procedures

Protesters Say Municipal Labor Committee Vote Paves Way to Public Sector Health Insurance Overhaul



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Anonymous said...

That is robbery of our coverage, and total mockery hooking us onto a private/for profit company!!!!! SHAME is a mild word to describe WHAT they are going to do!!!!