Monday, December 5, 2022

Quickie UFT Healthcare Updates

Monday, Dec. 5, 2022

It's been a busy day and it's only half over. I'm heading into the city to go to tonight's UFT Ex Bd meeting. We meet at around 5 to talk about stuff then go up to get some dinner. Oh, then there's a meeting. We hope to have a report later.

Earlier Retiree Advocate had a 2 hour regular zoom meeting plotting our next moves. Read another great post from Arthur praising the work of RA. 
UFT Leadership Establishes New Negotiating Policy - I'm increasingly impressed with what UFT caucus Retiree Advocate did. They got together with other city union members and supported the lawsuit...
If Arthur retires I hope he stays involved and joins in the work RA is doing, even beyond the healthcare issues. 

Jonathan has been on the case, even if he's in the middle of some ocean while doing his blog. His latest is another fun read on Mulgrewcare: 

I guess Mulgrew’s court of last resort is our membership. And Unity, faced with losses in every other venue, had no choice. Armed with weak arguments that few believe, they have been trying to convince our membership. To convince them of what? For now, to support the change to 12-126. No matter how thick Unity is, they are not trying to sell members on Medicare Advantage, not today. That blew up in Unity’s faces when they tried to convince our sharp retirees that “Silver Sneakers” would make up for prior authorizations (and denials). Yeah, right.

Unity has been facing opposition. Even some in their ranks are worried about what they are doing to healthcare. And those opposed to Unity and Mulgrew have been vocal. What do they do?

Stifle Dissent

Also read his previous one:


The giant UFT publicity machine is out there shamelessly trying to fool us with a seven-bullet flier and a different lengthy save-the-code-amend-the-code piece filled with disinformation. Marianne Pizzitola has done another video challenging the UFT claim that the UFT is trying to preserve choice of medical plans so we need to change Administrative Code 12-126. In reality, Michael Mulgrew has been trying to limit choice since 2020 as this new video from Marianne shows.

Below is part of the letter on the Request for Proposal for the Medicare Advantage Plan for City Medicare-eligible retirees that Marianne refers to in the video. It is from November 18, 2020.

The MLC question is in the middle column. The City answer is on the right. Notice the City answering that they intended to end most options for Medicare-eligible retirees back on November 18, 2020 and the Municipal Labor Committee went with this Request for Proposal. It would have been implemented except it was stopped in court because it violated Administrative Code 12-126 which protects our healthcare.


Maybe I will get back to you later with further updates. Or not. You all have plenty to read without me.


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