Monday, December 5, 2022

UFT Executive Board report - Dec. 5, 2022 - 22 Minutes of Bliss

Choice of salmon or pork chop
Green beans
Red velvet pie 

Oh, yes, the meeting:

Leo Gordon: How to support non-union staff at union-busting companies during the holiday season.

Mary Jo G: Chancellor came out with a reimagining special education. None of which addresses systemic staffing issues.

Pillars - scaling up effective programs. ASD programs: NEST and Horizon, growing incrementally. PATH program - inclusion model for students at risk for emotional disturbances - it is in 7 schools. Also expanding the SEED - sensory exploration program that therapists are doing after school and Saturdays. Initially 2 in each borough & expanding. Hopefully paying on time. Establishing an advisory council. Advocates and parents. Will find more info and share.

Ilona: Next week the UFT will hold a meeting for school librarians next week. Attendees will wear a shirt

Mike Sill: Thanks to Alex and HS EB because they wrote a resolution but the other ppl who wanted to participate in motivating were not here, but

Rodney: Oppose policy re: not allowing gay men to donate blood except for certain instances of abstinence for a year. Now they want to propose abstinence for 3 months.

Requesting completely revoking the policy and take a step in the right direction. They’re starting it, but still it’s discriminatory, capricious, and arbitrary. Partner w Natl Black leadership on Health; HRC; GLADD. Please support resolution

Change of DA. It will be 12/21 instead of 12/14

Motion to adjourn at like 6:22p: unanimous

Mike Sill: Okay, if anyone wants to tell LeRoy, go ahead.

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