Sunday, July 2, 2023

Battle Hymn of the Republicans - Fred Smith

Fred Smith, the poet lauriate of good causes, is at it again. So nice seeing him at the Leonie Haimson abode last week for the Skinny Awards honoring Jamaal Bowman.


Battle Hymn of the Republicans

Their lies hath told the story,
Sowing distrust and discord;
They believe the greatest glory
Is to kneel before their Lord,
And to spread the hateful gospel
‘Til His kingdom is restored;
Mistruth is marching on.

Glory, glory rigged election!
Glory, glory misdirection!
Glory, glory resurrection!
Mistruth is marching on.

We have seen his eyes a-squinting
‘Neath an empty gilded poof;
This fountainhead of falsity,
Duping followers, forsooth,
Who echo all his sick beliefs
Without need for any proof;
Big lies keep marching on.

Fury, gaseous and expulsive,
Unrestrainedly compulsive,
Spewing noxious words repulsive,
His lies keep marching on.

His apostles spread the message--
Amen choir on the Hill;
He was blaring out the trumpet call
To do His pure blood will,
And unleash His Proud Boy army to
Discharge their one-six kill.
His legions carry on.

Hail the Fuhrer’s neo-Nazis,
And oath keeper kamikazes,
And the fact-distorting Fox-ies.
His legions carry on.

Amidst that clash, one zealot ‘scaped
Death from the crazed invaders,
And stood against the violence of
The Capitol Crusaders.
The golden idol’s dreams were dashed;
So too, the MAGA traitors’.
There is a higher law.

To those who fear replacement,
Seeking democracy’s defeat,
Remaining yet unchastened:
There is a judgment seat!
Yea, there’s a Judgment Day.

Glory, glory higher power
Above any ruler’s tower,
Who must face his final hour.
There is a Judgment Day!



Anonymous said...

God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

God only blesses the republicans not those socialist democrats who want to inflict healthcare, childcare, decent minimum wage, child labor laws etc on us. But wait wait. Do they really?

Fred Smith said...

Hey, Anonymous. Come out of hiding. Your political opinions are not exactly an endorsement of Benedict Donald or his ilk. You ignore my meaning to knee-jerk denounce positions that most of the electorate supports. I think you should refuse social security, union and healthcare benefits. (Unless, of course, your a tax-sheltered billionaire.)

Anonymous said...

God blesses everyone who has faith in him.