Monday, July 24, 2023

Important Support needed for OTPT For A FAIR Contract

I am working on a detailed analysis of the outrageous calls for a re-vote by people who were too busy doing their hair to vote in the first place. How about the 75% of UFT members who didn't vote in last year's election? Let's give them another shot.

Here is a way to counter the Unity manipulations:






From: OTPT For A FAIR Contract <>
Monday, July 24, 2023


Greetings all,

We’re writing to keep lines of communication open during this important time. It is a tumultuous time for our chapter and we hear and understand that the chaos and uncertainty surrounding the contract vote is causing division and anxiety.  

Principles of democracy, transparency and grassroots organizing have been and continue to be cornerstones of our actions. The contract vote was conducted in a democratic way following established practices, and certified by the American Arbitration Association. 1619 members of the OT/PT chapter mailed in their ballots, voting 2 to 1 against the contract (1074 to 545). Department of Elections Certification of Results UFT 2023 contract

The concept of a re-vote on the SAME contract is unprecedented, and at its core, would threaten the legitimacy and value of the democratic voting process. Such a thing has never been done in our 60+ years as a union. In fact, we couldn't find an instance of this being done in any union. We’re also concerned that a re-vote could set a dangerous precedent for our union and others - that any contract vote that has been certified might be put to a revote when some parties ask for it.  We should demand that the UFT support our chapter, do everything in their power to get us back to the table and negotiate a better deal.             


While the OT/PT chapter may be small, our voices, when united, are powerful! We believe that negotiations do not only happen at the bargaining table and have always advocated for folks to take action to increase awareness and support for a fair contract. Now is an important time to take action:

  1. Email the Chancellor, UFT  and Panel for Educational Policy (see email addresses below) with a message such as:

Get back to the table and negotiate a fair contract for therapists, nurses, and audiologists. 

  1. Next, encourage community members, parents and fellow UFT members to also email on our behalf with a message such as:

Get back to the table and negotiate the fair contract our DOE therapists, nurses, and audiologists deserve. Our families and school communities stand in solidarity with these vital service providers who work tirelessly with all of our students, especially our students with disabilities.

  1. Then, find your city council member’s email address here: and send a message asking them to do the same

UFT emails:

Michael Mulgrew -; Richard Mantell -; Carl Cambria -; Beth Norton -; Cynthia Bennett -; Melissa Williams -; Susan Kavanagh -;Catherine Cirillo-;

Michael; Mike; Brad Alter-; MaryJo; Laura Tamburo; LeRoy

City emails:

Chancellor David C. Banks-

Mayor Eric Adams- via

Panel for Educational Policy Members:

Aaron Bogad-Staten Island Borough President's appointee-; Alan Ong-; Anita Garcia=; Anthony “Tony” Giordano, mayoral appointee-; Chantel Cabrera-; Dr Angela Green, Chairperson-; Ephraim Zakry-; Geneal Chacon-; Gladys Ward-; Gregory Faulkner, Vice Chairperson-; Jessamyn Lee-; Kaliris Salas-Ramirez-; Khari Edwards-; Lily Chan -; Maisha Sapp, Contracts Committee Chair-; Maria Kenley-; Marjorie Dienstag-; Michelle Joseph -; Naveed Hasan; Phoebe Sade-Arnold-; Sheree Gibson, Queens Representative-;Tazin Azad -; Thomas Sheppard, CEC Presidents Representative-

City Council Members: 

In solidarity,

OTs and PTs for a Fair Contract


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