Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Chronicling Democratic Party Immolation - Special Election NY3 - How A Dem Win is really a Loss when they adopt the republican view of immigration

We're fucked ... many Democrats

Sometimes I feel like rooting for Dems to lose due to their ineptness. Note the hysteria over the Republican special counsel appointed by Merrick Garland so he can look like's he's playing fair with Republicans. James Carville even said - what law says all special counsels have to be Republicans? 

UPDATE: At 10PM  Suozzi is looking good and the Dems will take that as a way to move to the right. The long-time implications are not going to be good in terms of solving our problems when one party is nuts and the other fundamentally acts like the way the other party did.

And their defense of Biden - who is desperate to get money to Ukraine or Israel but not so desperate to get money for oh say, childcare or children in poverty.

And let me remind you that our own lovable UFT center right leadership is part and parcel of the very same fabric of the Dem party and their policy stances reflect that. And Dem party in NYS under Jacobs is one of the most inept --

If Suozzi wins even by a hair, watch the celebration. But they have to do it all over again in November. Suozzi is on the right of the Dem party and ran to the right of Hochul in the gov race. Jacobs gotta go no matter what.

If you want to see an example of an analysis of the fundamental failures of the Democratic Party and their never taking responsibility for their actions and placing blame on the left or the media of the failure of the public to get their message watch the Sam Seder interview with Luke Goldstein on today's crucial election where I can't really root for Suozzi. Some say if he loses or its close that will send a message to the Dems to shift course from their right wing tack ala the Clintons of the 90s which led down the path to Trump.

The fact that right wing Democrat Suozzi is barely ahead against Mazi Pilip after the Republican George Santos disaster is a sign of the Dem disaster. Part of me wants them to lose so bad they go away and something new and vigorous can grow. Someone compared the Dems to the waffling Whigs of the 1840s from which arose a potent Republican Party in the 1850s.

Immigration is a biggie in this election and the Dems have become the right wing Republicans on the issue of immigration with no alternative narrative. So watch the outcome tonight -- it will be close and to me that's a Dem loss even if they win. The Dems have put $7 million into this campaign while letting APAC savage the Progressive wing of the party -- all people of color, bty. So if you wonder about slippage with people of color ....

They interview Luke Goldstein, writing fellow at The American Prospect


and here is Luke Goldstein's article reporting on the special election being held today in New York's 3rd Congressional District.

NY-03 Special Election Tests Jacobs’s ‘Long Island Strategy’

Tuesday’s primary to fill George Santos’s seat is a toss-up, despite an experienced former Democratic congressmember facing a largely unknown Republican.


February 12, 2024

While George Santos is busy building a post-politics career as an online influencer, voters in his former district in New York are preparing to wash the stain from the seat in a special election on Tuesday that is being treated as a bellwether for the 2024 campaign

Democratic candidate and former congressman Tom Suozzi has returned to try to reclaim his old seat in the Third Congressional District. Suozzi faces a local Republican county official with little national recognition: Mazi Pilip, an Ethiopian immigrant who served in the Israel Defense Forces before coming to the U.S.

 Immigration lawyer going under the monicker Ronald Reagan points to the failures of current immigration policy and how the proposed "solution" is not a solution.

Discussion of how the US for business interests helped destabilize central American nations and sparked immigration. 

No energy, no will to get the alternative view of immigration out there. When you cede the argument to Republicans - not address the funfamental flaws in the Republican view -- a double disaster for Dems -- policy ans electoral politics.

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