Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Battle of Lafayette - see It's da Norm at the UTP website

Teachers at Lafayette HS, in open revolt over the proposed closing of the school, were joined by parents, students, community members, politicians, and alumni at the barricades. But not the UFT, which was waiting to see which way the wind blew before taking a stand.

Beleaguered principal Jolanta Rohloff and the rest of the administration barricaded themselves in her office..... Go to: http://www.theutp.com/on_the_inside.htm


  1. Talk about self promotion, Norm. You just like seeing your name in lights. Against comparing RAndi to Sadam Hussein is not a way of demonizing or personalizing any meaningful debate.

  2. Typical obfuscation and distortion from Unity. How does saying that Randi wants to get Saddam-like numbers of 99% in an election become comparing her to Saddam? If I said Soviet-style elections, would that be better?

    The reference was to the fact that Unity cannot even accept the 6 ICE-TJC opposition people out of 89 on the Exec Bd and must manipulate the election with New Action to get those seats back. Just like in 2004 when they made the dirty deal with New Action to try to assure Randi wouldn't have anyone oppose her. Talk about a mistake. Unity could have actually had all the high school seats, so here is an error in judgement or a real lack of confidence that Unity would win the high schools. Randi appologists from Unity are actually blaming New Action's incompetence for this one instead of putting the blame where it should be.

    This is the usual attempt to shift what is a debate -- if you bother to read any of the materials here about UFT policy and cooperation in closing large schools --- to make it seem it is all personal and not political. In Unity parlance, disagreeing with Randi becomes personal.

    And there is no comparison to Saddam. He's dead, isn't he?

  3. Typical ICE, Norman Scott's ad hominem, comparing Randi to Saddam Hussein.

    If that is political criticism, then the NY Post is a literary classic.

  4. I take it personally that Randi shoved a crappy contract (2005) down our throats. I take it personally that she works with the DOE to make my career, my chosen career, so much harder to retire in. There's something bigger coming down the pike and it's not gonna be good for teachers. You just wait and see.

  5. If you are so confident in what our union accomplished, why don't you go and console the teachers at Lafayette . I'm sure they will understand.

  6. YES,YES, YES. Shameless self-promotion!

    And what's wrong with that? I get spoiled when everytime I enter a bar everyone shouts "Norm!"

    I want my name in lights. In neon. And what better place to get neon lights than with my friends at UTP?

    Look for a plane flying over the no-fly zone at 52 Broadway skywriting NORM.


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