Sunday, January 28, 2007

Major New Contract Gain for UFT

The DOE and the UFT have renegotiated Article Two (“Fair Practices”). All teachers who meet the following criteria will be covered under this addendum:

Teachers who have been a lawyer AND are being groomed for the position of UFT President.

Such teachers will be able to pick the school at which they choose to work and such school shall be mandated to be no more than 10 minutes travel from where they reside.

The Chapter Leader of said school will completely insulate the teacher from reality. Said chapter leader shall be rewarded with a full-time union job upon the ascendancy to UFT President by said teacher.

This Addendum will assure that all teachers transitioning from a legal career to the Presidency of the UFT, in order to ensure that said teachers can demonstrate at least some teaching time to the membership, will teach two classes a day, one of which shall be a law class for the best students in the school. Other classes will be the best said school has to offer. All special ed and ELA students will be banned from said classes.

A compensatory time position will be available to the new teacher immediately, in lieu of further teaching, and said teacher will be given comp time for such activities as coaching the debate team.

Every six months of teaching will be counted as six years for the purpose of public relations with the members and may be used to accumulate pension credit. The UFT will continue to reimburse the DOE for the full salary of said teacher so said teacher can accrue city pension time in addition to the double pension from the UFT.

Furthermore, all teachers transitioning from a legal career to the Presidency of the UFT will be given special consideration towards accumulating the credits necessary to meet the criteria for maintaining a teaching certificate, including private special classes so said teacher does not have to face sitting through endless hours of boring ed courses elbow to elbow with said teacher's peers who are forced to attend grad school at exorbitant expense after a full day of working and might have a certain level of anger at their condition that may lead to detrimental contact with said teacher transitioning from a legal career to the Presidency of the UFT.

The UFT will form a functional chapter for all teachers meeting the criteria.
Modified from a post from the Unified Teachers Party

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