Sunday, January 7, 2007

Teacher Union Actions in LA and Boston

Union calls for action by its teachers

Members urged to boycott meetings, activities


Article Last Updated: 01/05/2007 09:19:16 PM PST

In its first major job action amid ongoing contract negotiations, Los Angeles Unified's teachers union on Friday called for its 48,000 members to boycott faculty meetings and unpaid after-school activities.

The boycotts are scheduled to begin at Tuesday's faculty meeting, roughly one month before United Teachers Los Angeles has scheduled a strike-authorization vote.

Union officials said the moves will not affect educational programs or children but are designed to step up pressure on the district to lower class size; give teachers, parents and others more control; and give teachers and health and human service professionals a raise.

Teachers union threatens 1-day strike

Seeks progress in contract talks

By Tracy Jan, Globe Staff | January 7, 2007

The Boston Teachers Union yesterday threatened a one-day strike as early as Feb. 15 to protest a lack of progress in contract negotiations.

In an e-mail sent to the union's 8,000 members, Union president Richard Stutman said it will hold a meeting on Feb. 14 for teachers and others to consider a strike the following day or an alternate day.


  1. So how long have they been without a contract in Boston? I like the one-day idea, but I believe the Taylor Law here would apply, and all contractual protections could be voided. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    The boycott of unpaid activities is a good idea too, but I believe in NYC that would also invoke the Taylor Law. It's very good they picked something that administrators value but did not involve kids.


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