Sunday, April 22, 2007

Woodie, the Rock Star

by Norman Scott

April 20, 2007

(From The Wave,

He is tall and lean, his thinning gray hair swept back in a long ponytail. His usual garb: jeans, sneakers and a dungaree jacket covered with names signed in multi-colored markers. He towers above the hordes of teenagers who often surround him waiting patiently for his autograph and the opportunity to find an open spot on his jacket to place their names (he has markers available for them to use.)

Another rock star from the ‘60’s on yet another comeback tour? No, he is Woodie Flowers, professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he is an international superstar in the worldwide robotics community.

Read an account of my wonderful visit to the World Robotic Festival, sponsored by FIRST, in Atlanta where thousands of kids from elementary, middle and high schools gathered from around the nation and the world. When the MC shouts Isaaaac, the kids shout back "Newton!"

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