Wednesday, April 25, 2007

UFT District Rep "Election" Committee

Joe Mudgett from ACT has posted a report on the UTP blog regarding the District rep election committee. Guess who's chairing? Why Randi of course. Why would she trust the idgits surrounding her to be able to do anything without her? And of course there's the Unity Caucus head and red-baiter himself, Jeff Zahler. Better not tell him you are on the board of the NAACP, Joe. Take a look at the rest of the members, a typical UFT Committee stacked with people on the UFT payroll. Want to bet it's all been decided already and this is just a show? I would put my money on some bogus plan that has the appearance of democracy. Poor James and Joe.

Unity Caucus members of the committee on the way to the meeting.

Joe wrote:
"Consider the makeup of the committee: chaired by President Weingarten (who has been appointing district reps since 2003), members include Secretary/Chief of Staff, Mik
e Mendel, Senior Assistant to the President, Jeff Zahler, a half dozen district reps, at least one borough representative, one or two other UFT officials, a gentleman from New Action, James Eterno from ICE, and myself, representing the Alliance of Concerned Teachers and the viewpoint of the Unified Teachers Party."

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