Thursday, April 26, 2007

CPAC press conference for elected parent leaders & their constituencies on Wed. May 9th

At this Friday's meeting, ICE will discuss the issue of urging teachers who do not support the agreement made between the UFT and the DOE for some kind of action on May 9. There is a tentative Del. Ass. planned for May 9 at 52 Broadway. What if a contingent of teachers demonstrated their refusal to accept these kinds of deals with the DOE and walk out at 4:45 and head over to City Hall or Tweed or both?

From Tim Johnson, Chair of CPAC to CEC presidents and members:

Dear Education Council Members:

CPAC has decided to convene a press conference for elected parent leaders & their constituencies on Wed. May 9th @ 5:00 p.m. on the steps of City Hall. This event is to replace the City Hall rally that was postponed as a result of the agreement reached last Thursday between the UFT & other organizations & the Mayor.

The majority of our members (PA/PTA Presidents & Presidents' Council Presidents) believe that our core issue of empowering parents to participate in meaningful decision-making @ the school, district, regional, & citywide levels remains an area of great concern for NYC parents. We are seeking the long overdue respect that we have been systematically denied during this administration.

More information will follow shortly, but please SAVE THE DATE & plan to JOIN US in an united demonstration by the elected parent representatives of our 1.1 million children. It's critically important that every District send a contingent to this event. I hope that YOU will join us on the 9th.

Best regards,
Tim Johnson, Chairman
Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council (CPAC)

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