Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ding Dong at Bayard Rustin Ed Complex

Principal John Angelet of the Bayard Rustin Educational Complex, a man publicly called an a-hole by Randi Weingarten, has resigned and will be leaving this June. Word is the UFT was on the case for a logn time but whether their pressure made a difference is not clear. Angelet was protected through thick and thin by Tweed. They will send a teacher to the rubber room for yelling at a principal but a principal can say and do anything and get away with it. Some words from teachers in the trenches:

John Angelet has inflicted harm upon excellent Teachers, Counselors, and other UFT members for almost 4 years now as Principal. He has destroyed careers, lives and caused an excessive amount of stress for all who work for him. The morale at this school is non-existent. UFT members have resorted to a "survival" mentality even if it means hurting another UFT member. John Angelet has destroyed this school, yet we still have not received our report card grade and despite numberous acts of violence committed in and outside of school, rumours of grade-changing and Regents scrubbing and an abysmal attendance record for all students, he continues to be Principal, he continues to go after those he wants to exact his irrational rage upon and he will not stop until that person is robbed of their livelihood. I have been going through this for three years and it has got to stop. I know Principals that have been removed for less, yet John Angelet is left to terrorize his staff. The events at this school are being widely publicized, the most recent being a condemning, but accurate, article in Chelsea Now.

Mr. Angelet continues to retain his job while others are powerless to save their own. We have an Assistant Principal of Guidance, Jacqueline Serna, who left her previous school, Urban Peace Academy, under allegations of misconduct.... Still she is allowed to observe and U rate Counselors who work very, very hard and have given years to this system. Urban Peace Academy is another casualty of the BloomKlein regime, yet the very people that caused its demise are simply placed in other schools instead of the rubber room, where John Angelet is assigning people at an alarming rate. The UFT has to respond to this and demand why this incompetent, possibly emotionally disturbed individual is being allowed to run this school.

John Angelet must be removed before June and he SHOULD NOT be allowed to rate anyone considering he is himself incompetent. I have never met a more vindicative, cruel, sadistic individual in my entire life.


Anonymous said...

Hi I have John Angelet as a principle in P.S.101 im a student is he gonna make my school bad for his behavior

Anonymous said...


What is an elementary school kid doing reading this blog?

This is clearly a post by an adult considering the egregious and deliberate misspelling of a word that every kindergardener learns - the principal is your 'pal'.... Probably a disgruntled adult staff member from 101 or BREC. Where's the due process? If it had been such a clear-cut case, he would have been terminated, or reassigned right off the bat.

These unmoderated blogs and sites like ratemyteacher and insideschools are poisonous to educators' rights!

Anonymous said...

so whatever happen to Jacqueline Serna does she still works for the Board Of Education. I need to know so I won't send my child to her school

Anonymous said...

It's very sad how Mrs Serna just got a slap on the shoulder.I remember this wasn't she stealing work time (lol) and had to pay a fine