Friday, March 14, 2008

"I Blame the NY Times"

A NYC teacher, a Teaching Fellow from one of the first cohorts who after 5 years moved west and is still teaching, writes:

Out here, I hear that the union (AFT) is terribly weak and ineffectual. It actually sounds much worse than in NYC. It's like younger teachers in NYC-- they've been well-conditioned to not expect rights as a union member. As a charter school teacher, I'm not unionized.

What makes steam come out of my ears is that people here will say things like, "Oh, I heard Bloomberg's really doing a great job with the schools in NYC." You realize how strong hype and PR can be.

I blame the New York Times for this. They love their CEO mayor and they celebrate most of the bullshit he and Klein put out about the schools. I mean, really, these test score "improvements" are not really valid, statistically, and it doesn't take an advanced degree to see it. Put reporters on the ground, in the classrooms, at the meetings, etc., and the emperor's new clothes are revealed. It's just not that complicated. And, what, they reorganized, again????

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Anonymous said...

The Times is at it with a vengeance today; check out their puff piece on the charter school owner promising $125K teacher salaries.