Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trusting Elizabeth, Not the NY Times

Recently, a potentially hot news story was broached to some people in ICE. The first reporter they asked for was the NY Sun's Elizabeth Green. Told she was on vacation, the sources said they would wait for her return. They specifically said the NY Times would be the last place they would go because they are not to be trusted.

The view out there is that the Times is a shill for BloomKlein. Not only BloomKlein, but the UFT too. In other words, the Times ignores the views of the anti-BloomKlein forces and the alternate views within the union.

Witness the narrow op-eds and magazine section that presented the voice of the mayor without a hint of alternatives.

Green, working for a paper that is so clearly to the right of the so-called "liberal" Times, has been allowed much free reign to report on a number of issues that the Times would never allow its reporters to touch. After all, the policies of BloomKlein have to be protected.

Note: this is not to be viewed as a condemnation of the Times Ed reporters. The lack of coverage or the narrowness of the reporting must be blamed on the breakdown of the wall between editorial and reporting at the Times. Kudos to the NY Sun for keeping that wall intact.

See our follow up guest piece critiquing the Rotherham op-ed.

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