Saturday, January 28, 2012

Principals, Parents and Teachers Stand up on Ed Eval While UFT Tries to Make a Deal

How sad that so many principals in NY State are standing up on the teacher evaluation mess while the UFT tries to make a deal. Here are a few quick hits.

Principals with principles

Audit Culture, Teacher Evaluation and the Pillaging of Public Education

In this program we speak with Sean Feeney, principal from Long Island New York, about the stance he and other principals have taken against the imposition of value added measures in the new Annual Professional Performance Review in New York State. We also speak with Celia Oyler, professor of education at Teachers College Columbia University, and Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, about the impact of value added measures on teacher education and the corporate powers behind these measures.

Also: Rye Principal Retires to Fight Ed Deform
NYC Teacher

The Doenuts Blog: The Paradox of the Turnaround Model

Thought experiment.
Let's say you're taking a bubble test and you have only an unsharpened pencil. Clearly you have a problem. Right?
So do you:
A)Sharpen the pencil or
B) Replace it with another unsharpened pencil?

I hope that analogy makes sense in a few moments: The Paradox of the Turnaround Model



 On Wed. night at the CEC 2 meeting, I will be presenting our analysis showing how NYC’s progress in student achievement since 2003 is the second smallest among 10 cities, as measured on the national assessments called the NAEPs.  NYC is also the only city tested in which non-poor students have lower average scores now than in 2003, when the mayor’s policies were first implemented.  Please join us!


Gabe Pressman, veteran NBC reporter, has an analysis which cites our research, and shows the way in which the mayor’s program of high-stakes testing and class size increases has led to a decade of failure: City Hall Fails the School Test

There has been a lot of heat on teacher evaluation systems in recent weeks, from the Mayor, the Governor and the mainstream media, but little light.   Please check out my post, pointing out the responsibility of influential columnists in particular to dig a little deeper at

Please also check out the eloquent account of a teacher who recently quit the profession because of the DC evaluation system, similar to what the Mayor is proposing here.

More soon,

Leonie Haimson

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