Monday, June 3, 2013

Thompson Pans Evaluations as Critiques (other than UFT) Roll in

Fleisher reports that Tisch and Thompson didn't speak before he released his comments criticizing the new plan.... WSJ
So this morning the City’s Gates-trained drones are hard at work developing new tests for Auto Mechanics, Special Ed, Art, Drama, Newspaper, PhysEd, and the rest.   By the way, you can forget any help to kill this plan from Randi’s boy, Mulgrew, at UFT.  He has already sent out a letter to dues-paying union members celebrating the lipstick he was able to reach over the fence and smear on this pig.  He should be recalled and sent packing, along with Weingarten... Jim Horn
I don't have access to Lisa Fleischer's article as linked to by Azi Paybarah at Capital New York (Excellent daily report on happenings). I wonder if she, in addition to friction with Tisch, also contrasted Thompson's critique to the UFT leadership's joy given they will almost certainly endorse him? If anyone has access send me the article or leave it as a comment.

Check out some of the analysis going on from the blogroll. Here is a tweet from Jim Horn: 11m
NY's Rube Goldberg Plan for Teacher Evaluation: via

Thompson pans evaluations, but what does his campaign chair think?
Thompson. Aleksandra Slabisz via nycma
The state has announced a new plan to evaluate public school teachers, something that City Hall and the teachers union had been unable to agree on after months of stalled negotiations.
As Lisa Fleisher at the Wall Street Journal reports, the new deal reveals some tension between a mayor mayoral candidate and one of his leading advisers.
The 241-page plan was called "unworkable" by Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, the former president of the Board of Education who has as his campaign chairperson Merryl Tisch, chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents. In that latter role, Tisch oversees state education commissioner John King, who helped devise the new teacher evaluation plan.
Fleisher reports that Tisch and Thompson didn't speak before he released his comments criticizing the new plan.

New teacher evaluations were announced by the state this weekend. "Student test scores will make up 20 percent of their rating, while classroom observations will account for 60 percent. Principals and teachers will work together to decide how to evaluate the remaining 20 percent." [Javier Hernandez]
"There’s a pattern here that speaks to Bloomberg’s hopeless impatience." [New York Post]
In an op-ed, Bloomberg said the city can't afford retroactive raises for union members. [Daily News]


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  1. Don't trust Thompson one bit. He most likely put his stamp of approval on the plan when Tish handed him the report. Wouldn't be surprised if it added some of the worst points either.
    I suspect the UFT and Thompson have this all worked out ahead of time. It's time for DeBlasio to step up and call for a realistic plan that's for fair and balanced.


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