Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today's Rally: I Ain't Marching Anymore, But I will be Filming

So I have mixed feelings about going to a rally to cheer Mulgrew 10 minutes after the giveaway of the contract to John King. I expressed some of these thoughts on the MORE and ICE listserves and there have been some heated discussions.

My brain is fried. after an evening of eating and drinking at Peter Luger's last night (Note to Fiorillo -- WHEN ARE WE GOING AGAIN? - And to vegetarian Julie Cavanagh -- why don't you join us?) so I can't even remember what was discussed but my instinct for this rally is "ho-hum, yet another rally amongst the dozen the UFT has been part of, all designed to make them look like they are actually doing something."

But the MOREs are enthusiastic and they are meeting at Tweed before the rally from 4-4:30 with people from their schools - if they can get people to go -- so I will go and maybe they can get me excited about this. Meet at 6PM at the post rally happy hour at Maxwell's, 59 Reade St. bet Church and Brwy. I have my writing group meeting at 7 but will stop by.

June 12th Citywide Labor Rally at City Hall!

10 Jun
We hope you are mobilizing for Wed. June 12th Citywide Labor Rally at City Hall!
Please join the MORE contingent at 52 Chambers St. DOE Building (Tweed Courthouse) between 4-4:30 pm. We march to the City Hall Rally together at 4:30

Here are some things you can do:

1.    Sign up people at  your school and bring co-workers! Use thisflier to print and get people out
2.    Bring poster paper, markers, and sign ideas, or make signs and bring them. We will be handing out this flier to UFTers at the rally.  Please make some copies to supplement the ones we’ll have on site.
3.    Get ready to chant! We will have chant sheets (download for some great slogans for you placard as well!) and plan to rally people around important points during the rally.
4.    We are having a post-rally Happy Hour near the rally 6 PM at Maxwell’s, 59 Reade St. between Broadway and Church. One block north of Chambers St. (
5.    Join our Group Text! Download “Groupme” app to your cellphone (iPhone, Android,etc.). Then email your cell # to Mike Schirtzer and we’ll send you text updates during the rally.

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  1. Why have a rally after the bad deed was done? Don't teachers see right through this sham of a man??


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