Saturday, June 15, 2013

Zombies in Central Park Plus Some Carpentry

The Zombies, our favorite group -- we went to London twice to see them, plus numerous viewings here in NYC  -- are doing a 6PM free -- yes free -- concert in Central Park today and we are heading in for a (not-free) 4PM session with lead singer Collin Blunstone (who looks at us as stalkers) and Ron Argent.

A fact you need to know from Wikki: Their 1968 album, Odessey and Oracle, comprising twelve songs by the group's principal songwriters, Argent and Chris White, is ranked number 100 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

She's Not There is one of my fave songs which haunted me in 1964 when I was in love and she wasn't there.

Norm the carpenter

I've been working on building a base for a rubber maid shed I bought and it's taken some time -- I work a half hour and rest for 2 hours -- and oh that mud.

But here is something more fun with people who actually know what they are doing.

I am heading off with my screw gun and hammer to the Rockaway Theatre Company's Sandy-damaged theater in Fort Tilden to help put the plywood down on the stage which we worked on last Saturday. I spent part of last Saturday crawling under the stage at the Fort Tilden theater putting screws into the concrete floor. I won’t go into the ugly details other than to say I can now get work as a contortionist. I am going back to help the always amazing Tony Homsey and his crew put down the plywood stage floor (volunteers are welcome), so the theater is ready for the gala July 19th reopening with “Rockaway Café: The Comeback.” There will be 10 benefit performances over three weekends to raise funds for repairing the theater. When the RTC is back, Rockaway is back.

Here is my report in The Wave this week.

Rockaway Theatre Company: The Comeback
By Norm Scott

I was at a town hall meeting at PS 114 Friday June 7th at which we were broken up into groups to summon the ghost of Rockaway Future. Someone came up with, “A world class theater that would put on plays that would attract people from all over the city.” “We already have the Rockaway Theatre Company, a world class theater that puts on Broadway quality shows,” I chimed in.

The next morning I joined a group of volunteers under the direction of chief carpenter, set builder, tech advisor and do everything and anything guy, Tony Homsey, to help rebuild the guts of the Sandy-ravaged stage in preparation for an upcoming inspection by the Parks Department at Gateway National Park. If it passes, Tony will lead a volunteer crew all day Saturday, June 15th, to put down the plywood to cover the stage (come on down and bring a tape measure and hammer). There is a rush to get the stage ready in preparation for the July 19 opening of “Rockaway Café, The Comeback “which will focus on storm-related music in Act 1. Act 2 will focus on the light at the end of the tunnel as the RTC storms back from the abyss of Sandy, “the first performance in our new updated theater,” said Susan Jasper, one of RTC’s mainstays.

OK, at the risk of being branded an RTC Kool-Aid drinker, I believe shows at the RTC are often at a highly professional level. As one of the RTC videographers I get to see every show multiple times and am thrilled at every single performance. The final show of last season was postponed and forced to be moved to a church in Howard Beach last March in much modified form but was still a wowser. Many Howard Beachers were seeing the RTC in action for the first time and were blown away by the talent.

There will be ten benefit performances over three weekends beginning July 19th (Friday, Saturday nights at 8 p.m., Sundays at 3 p.m.). Proceeds will be used to cover the considerable costs of rebuilding the severely damaged theater. Auctions and raffles will be held and any individuals and merchants willing to donate items can contact Susan Jasper at

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