Friday, October 10, 2014

Karen Lewis Recovering, Jesse Sharkey Assumes Duties

Karen is an American hero. Every moment I've shared with her I consider a gift. No one has done more to advance the cause of teachers over the last few years than this courageous, brilliant, and really, really funny woman. God bless, Karen. Let's get you through this -- your work isn't even close to done yet..... Jersey Jazzman
Obviously the situation with Karen may seriously affect the mayoral race in Chicago where Karen was/still is expected to challenge POS Rahm Emanuel.

I've had the absolute pleasure of meeting Karen numerous times, including the time when she spoke at the NYCORE conference a few years ago and we picked her and her husband John up at the airport and got to spend an hour talking in the car. The last time I saw her was in Los Angelos at the AFT convention where she looked great. So let's wish she gets well fast.

I don't know Jesse Sharkey real well but I've never heard a bad word about him. Jesse is part of the original crew that organized CORE.

Below is the update from the Chicago Teachers Union blog.

Chicago Teachers Union Statement, Medical Update on President Karen Lewis

by ctu communications  |  10/09/2014
CHICAGO—Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) President Karen Lewis underwent successful surgery yesterday for a serious illness and is recovering well.
During President Lewis’ recovery, CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey will assume the duties of the president according to the rules set forth in the CTU Constitution and By-laws.
“Out of respect to President Lewis’ wishes, the wishes of her family, and their privacy, we cannot provide details on her condition, but we wish her all the best and pledge all of our support—both in aiding her recovery and in carrying on the work of the CTU about which she cares so deeply,” Sharkey said.

ILLUSTRATION: Karen in front of crowd

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