Sunday, October 12, 2014

NYCDOE Teacher Performance Investigator - Education required: A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent

Another slug job supporting the criminals at DOE legal. Add this to job description:
Will ignore any info that might show the teacher is innocent.
Will do what it takes to justify the existence of this job even if it means lying, cheating and creating evidence out of nothing.

Thanks to H.E. for sending this.

Jobing Description

Tracking Code

Job Description

(Those who previously applied need not re-apply)

Position Summary:

Under supervision, with latitude for independent action and decision, investigates and studies tenured pedagogues misconduct and incompetence. The Investigator will be responsible for supporting the unit head and the staff attorneys in the investigation and preparation of legal and labor matters related to employee misconduct and incompetence.?? The Investigator is responsible for the maintenance and preparation of documents and written reports that are prepared in conjunction with administrative proceedings. The Investigator works collaboratively with the unit head and the other staff attorneys to ensure an efficient and systematic approach to legal services and may serve as liaison to city, state and federal departments, and with other agencies and officials within the Department of Education (DOE).

All personnel perform related work regardless of assignment type or level.

Reports to: ??

Deputy Counsel (Director) of the Teacher Performance Unit and/or designated Staff Attorneys.

Direct Reports: 
May require supervision of other Investigators and/or support staff.

Key Relationships: ??

Legal Services Staff Attorneys and Administrative Support Staff


Assembles and verifies data, records and evidence in response to inquiries from Corporation Counsel and outside counsel.

Manages and maintains case databases and generates case reports.
Examines and analyzes employee records and documents, case files and legal filings necessary to respond to requests for disciplinary hearings; makes recommendations as to course of action.
Utilizes computer systems such as NYCAPS, HRS and EIS to assist in the retrieval of information in connection with various administrative proceedings involving the Department of Education.
Assists attorneys in trial preparation including drafting charges, maintenance and preparation of documents for trial, witness preparation and evidence gathering.
Ensures timely notification of charges to employee to comply with labor agreement deadlines so hearing can proceed according to schedule.
Coordinates disciplinary hearings; organizes trial assignments and arbitrator calendar.
Researches and evaluates tenure status of pedagogic employees; and responds to inquiries as a point of contact for principals.
May require supervision of other Investigators and/or support staff.
Guides subordinates on best investigative techniques to utilize based on each individual case.
Interprets DOE administrative rules and regulations and policies as well as labor contract provisions related to due process procedures.

Qualification Requirements

A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and four years of satisfactory full-time experience in one or more of the fields of accounting, auditing, inspection, investigation personnel administration, and security, or in a major operational area of the employing agency; OR

A satisfactory combination of a baccalaureate degree, post baccalaureate degree and/or experience.


Strong computer systems skill needed to and maintain case databases and generate case reports using LexisNexis, Adobe Acrobat, and other software.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Strong writing and organizational skills are preferred for the position.
Efficient legal research skills.
Experience utilizing Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point).

Salary: $

Please submit a resume and cover letter along with your application.

Resumes will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. We encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible.

NOTE: The filling of all positions is subject to budget availability and/or grant funding.


  1. It sounds like a great job! Will they consider former teachers for the witch hunt?


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