Friday, December 4, 2015

Choosing Among Megalomaniacs for President

They grant him all of the virtues that you’ve observed, but tell you that he’s the antithesis of a team player. His thirst for the spotlight is unquenchable. His arrogance is unalloyed. He actually takes pride in being abrasive, as if a person’s tally of detractors measures his fearlessness, not his obnoxiousness. Do you hire this applicant?... Frank Bruni, NY Times
NY Times columnist Frank Bruni knows nothing about education - actually his columns on education are cause for the category of "laugh out loud." I've done a few pieces on the Bruni joke:
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So I basically won't read Bruni pieces in the Times because when he knows nothing about something I know why should I believe he knows anything about things I don't know?

Maybe one has to be a MegaloM to run for top office but these guys (and mostly they are guys) are scary stuff, but Bruni caught my eye with this piece about the apparently despicable Ted Cruz.

His freshman roommate, Craig Mazin, told Patricia Murphy of The Daily Beast: “I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States. Anyone. I would rather pick somebody from the phone book.”
This quote is even more telling:
The political strategist Matthew Dowd, who worked for Bush back then, tweeted that “if truth serum was given to the staff of the 2000 Bush campaign,” an enormous percentage of them “would vote for Trump over Cruz.”
Holy crap. Even crypto-fascist Trump over Cruz? (Is Donald Trump a Fascist?)

Anyone but Ted Cruz

Hey, since Bruni is so interested in education, maybe he will do a column  on the presidential election in the UFT. He wouldn't have to do much rewriting.

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