Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Often Acting in Place of the UFT, Class Size Matters Deserves Our Support

Hey, if Friedrichs comes in against the unions, even though I advocate staying in the undemocratic UFT and paying dues, maybe people should shoot a share over to Leonie Haimson who tirelessly runs Class Size Matters (CSM) to advocate for the children, parents and teachers of this city. She consistently stood up to the BloomKlein admin and continues to stand up to the De Blasina admin, especially on its horrendous record on class size, which Carmen Farina, who ran a school on the upper east side, doesn't think is very important.

Leonie in Oz
But why wait to send CSM money when you can get a tax deductions right now? Leonie does what the UFT should be doing - exposing the gaps in ed policy in the DOE and State Ed Dept.

I view Leonie as our Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. sq

Or Super Girl.

(Any photoshoppers out there?)

I loved her latest post on her blog she writes about how the DOE insisted on giving a contract to the crooks at Custom Computer Specialists, 
who apparently have dirty pictures of the entire de Blasio and Farina administration. 

How Class Size Matters helped the city save $727 million, and our plea to the Mayor how to use these funds to give an early Xmas present to NYC kids

This is a priceless account of either outright stupidity by the Farina administration or if not that, and even worse, outright duplicity.

 Then there's this account of her intern's attempt to speak at a hearing.

Miho's Attempt to Speak Before the City Planning Commission about the need to build schools along with more housing

The following was written by Miho Watabe, Class Size Matters' research and outreach consultant.  The testimony she would have given on this issue follows her account of  how she was prevented from testifying in person. If you'd like to submit comments to the City Planning Commission, you can do so by emailing them at ; please copy Carl Weisbrod, chair of the Commission at as well as the Mayor at
And here is the call for putting your 2 cents - or more - into the pot to keep CSM and Leonie going strong. She has even offered to work on a new movie with the Real Reform Studio Team exposing the charter school scam. Does this woman ever sleep?

2015 year in review: Please give to Class Size Matters to keep us going strong! 


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