Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Trump Whisperers in Supposedly Liberal Circles

Conversation in a gym:
He (a pharmacist with his own business): I don't want the same old thing. No Bush. No Clinton. No regular politician. I can support Trump. Or Bernie Sanders. The only problem I have with Bernie is how we would pay for universal health care.

Bernie or Donald? Pretty interesting choice.

At dinner with a friend: I'm scared of what could happen. Trump is at least saying things I am thinking.

At a party: I keep telling people that Trump is the only one.

For those who associate with a wide variety of people outside narrow political circles, there is a lot more pro-Trump sentiment in places where you might not expect it.

Fear of Trump is being used by Hillary supporters and even those who don't care for her - and even some people who might lean toward Bernie -

But just imagine a Bernie-Donald race. The left/liberal Trump haters would be motivated. And the right (and left) Hillary haters would have to shift their focus of hate.

We are in for interesting times.

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  1. I am a liberal and know lots of liberal. Not one liberal or even liberal leaning has said any supportive thing about Trump. In fact they think he is horrible (to put it mildly). Someone who is worried about how universal healthcare is going to be paid-NOT a liberal. Someone who says Trump is saying what they think-NOT a liberal. Maybe they think they are or they once were, but they aren’t now. Now they seem fearful, racist, sexist.... And, if someone had said something like that to me, I would have corrected them or advised them with actual facts about Trump.


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