Friday, July 1, 2016

Chalkbeat Desparate to Prove Charter Co-locos work by ignoring those that don't


“Although some members of the community objected to Success Academy’s co-location, as school leaders, we felt it was our responsibility to make the best of sharing our space. When our schools work together, we’ve found that our students reap real rewards.”

— Jonathan Dant and Erin Lynch, whose schools share a building in Bensonhurst --- Chalkbeat

One of several posts that CB has run praising the purported benefits of co-locations. A function of their Gates grants?

I was at the PEP last week where another charter was shoved into a public school - 100 people from the school showed up to show this was inappropriate.

Here are the first 3 stories from the June 30 CB Rise and Shine where the negative story on Eva and charter co-locos is bracketed by positive stories. Note how they first present something that tries to make Eva look good - I don't believe it. I know what people at Seth Low think of Eva.

CO-LOCATION VICTORY The principals of Success Academy Bensonhurst and I.S. 96 Seth Low explain how a formerly contentious co-location ended up helping both schools. Chalkbeat
CO-LOCATION CONCERNS Williamsburg's J.H.S. 50 is a Renewal school showing signs of improvement. But its principal says it is being squeezed by the space demands of a Success Academy charter school that shares its building. New York Times
CHARTERS GET A BOOST Editorial: Nina Rees, president and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, argues that changes to state funding and a major national grant from the Walton Family Foundation will help charter schools thrive. New York Post

MORE CB pro-coloco posts.

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