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#AFT100, #AFT16 Day 2 Post 2: Breaking Shocker - AFT Endorses Hillary

In an enormous surprise, the AFT just endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Randi Weingarten expressed shock at the outcome given the low key level of AFT organizational support for Hillary.
Seriously folks -- deed is done, let's move on. I've never been a Hillary hater and anyone who says she lies more than most other politicians is nuts - and Trump has 10 lies a minute. I am taking under consideration the idea that beating Trump overwhelmingly trumps voting 3rd party.

Here are my previous 2 posts from the convention in reverse order:
Arthur, Jonathan and I took a long walk to an area known as Eat Street where we found a Vietnamese place - that coffee with condensed milk is like Jet fuel. Gloria and Lisa made copies of the MORE leaflet while we were gone. When we got back they along with Jia and Gladys had distributed many of the leaflets to delegates going in - I saw more than one Unity guy almost choke.

Our leaflet deals with the Unity leaflet attacking MORE for supporting Opt-out -

--- here are Arthur's posts on that:
We keep debating the differences between MORE and Unity on social justice -- definitely worth pursuing this line of discussion - I'll raise it with some people tonight at UCORE so I can get more clarity - right now I am confused.

Headed back to press section -- came in at end of Hillary debate -- Randi talks about how the convention is compressed into 1 less day and people have to stay later today to get business done so the 4PM march for Philando Castile is optional - there is a march from here to a bank endorsed by the St. Paul TU - and Randi told people who want to go to go but business will continue here.

Steel worker president Leo Gerard makes great speech with rousing cheers - brutal attack on Trump and Republicans.

Randi about to continue - but Detroit teacher and BAMN member puts forth special reso calling for democracy in AFT and reinstatement of Steve Conn as DFT president accusing Randi of a witch hunt against him when the AFT established a trusteeship -- as reported by us at the time --
Jan 10, 2016 ... The Wrath of Steve Conn: Wildcat Sickout in Detroit After Randi Weingarten Undermines Union - Will Detroit Influence Friedrichs Decision?
Jan 17, 2015 ... I can't imagine Randi allowing Steve to be on the AFT Exec Bd or Steve ... Detroit teachers elected Steve Conn to head the Detroit Federation of ...
Jan 28, 2015 ... Conn, who has run for DFT president about a dozen times before, credits his victory to members being fed up with the "fiasco disaster" that ...
Aug 4, 2015 ... The Detroit Federation of Teachers executive board put president Steve Conn on trial this morning for conduct detrimental to the union.
Even among the Randi critics there is some antipathy towards Conn and BAMN - I spoke to some Detroit teachers at SOS 2 weeks ago and they were not supporters of Conn. My position has been generally with the people who support Conn -- but can't say my support is unqualified and something about BAMN always strike me the wrong way.

Randi rules this out of order -- and is challenged and some debate is taking place. Asks if there is an appetite to close debate -- Randi sends signal - we are laughing here at press table.

Raymond Wohl from Chicago --- challenges Randi on use of "appetite for closing debate". For chair to constantly say is there an appetite to follow my rule is not democracy.

Alan Lubin former NYSUT VP has an appetite to close debate - we fall off our chairs. The Delegate Assembly road show.

Just saw Jeff Zahler behind mic but he
didn't get to speak - it's old home week.

Randi wins and BAMN loses.

Now on deportation reso 28 - introduced by Chicago teacher - followed right away by a reso closing debate - unan - reso approved.

Reso on transgender bathrooms - Randi takes floor and doesn't stop screaming about supporting this reso - but certainly passionate. As a screamer myself I can see how to be more effective.

International unionism -- Randi talks about being activists in unions around the world - ed international, etc -- AFT history is not always positive in this area -- if a teacher union is too left they do too much. About to introduce speaker from Israel  -- member from Knesset.

Sarah Chambers from Chicago gets up and challenges Randi - since we have a time problem and a march is on the agenda -- she urges Randi to continue agenda and postpone speaker - Randi says he traveled from afar - and she says - do it later. Raymond Wohl from Chicago supports Sarah - heckled by Unity people -- it is in the program and she rules him out of order.

Jesse Sharkey from Chicago -- they want to hear from Knesset woman and want to participate in march and also want to debate ESSA -- he knows how to do this in a way to get a result.

She says if enough people leave to march won't have quorum and won't be able to do debate on ESSA -- rally already has begun -- Colum Whyte says rally has not begun and they are waiting for session to adjourn.  She says session won't adjourn - she will carry on -- and Knesset woman will speak.

Speech ends at 5:10 PM --Randi says she went out to get rally started and rushed back to get business done.

Debate on ESSA starts -- Arthur has left and ends message that Randi was wrong - that march began 20 minutes ago - I was going to go out and join the rally but now listening to debate on ESSA -- this reso is the deal between the CTU and UFT --
Karen Magee - fewer and better assessments --- can assessments be better?

Mavis Yon - UFT/Unity - support reso -- works in Ocean Hill Brownsville. where's the art, dance, music - best times in school - paint, sing etc --

Frank Flynn - VP Rhode Island - calls question. 3 speakers in favor - violating Roberts rules - asks for speaker against -- Phil Rumore Buffalo TU Pres - speaks against it -- wants amendment -- speaks about neighborhood schools - leaves out people trying to hijack neighborhood - amend with to ensure to stop forms of segregation -- in Buffalo this is happening.

Introduces Keron Blair - head of AROS - Alliance to Reclaim our Schools - AFT and NEA plus many other liberal orgs are sponsors - uses zip code idea that ed deformers love - Hillary uses that too.

Also Alex Caputo-Pearl -- pres of LA Teachers Union -- 82% of LATU - increased dues for 32% to become full member of AFT - and bring 34000 teachers in - Randi has to incorporate Alex to make sure an alliance between LATU and CTU never challenges her.

Alex was a TFA in its first year and a lifetime activist. Was in HS taken over by Randi pals in Green Dot and they tried to get rid of him. So Alex has some interesting history and Randi has jumped at backing him. He says they got rid of awful supt and challenged Eli Broad - who is a Hillary supporter and also backed UFT charter schools. Interesting how Randi has embraced both LA and Chicago, both involved in UCORE.

Michael Fabricant from PSC - which is CUNY - supports AROS as major organizing tool of resistance.

Jesse Sharkey VP CTU - cedes time to Cecily Tyson from LATU -- nice to see CTU and LATU working together.

Richard Stutman pres of Boston TU and AFT VP -- Support Oct 6 Walk in action.

UFT's Jeff Zahler calls the question - finally Jeff gets his big moment.

URGENT Report from Gloria on march --civil disobedience  at bank - people about to get arrested.

As same time - URGENT NEWS - report from Kansas City - another police officer killed -- moment of silence.

Reso - expand career and tech ed in middle schools and expand in HS -- from Chicago --
Michelle Gunderson from CTU - asks for resources for this CTU reso calling for choices beyond reading and math.

Another speaker - when budget shrunk shop teachers first to go - voc schools viewed as place for troublemakers and poor students.

Here's an interesting reso that did not make the top 2 so it is not debated but automatically passed --


This one may require a post of its own.

If anything else happens read it in next report.

So for now, that's all folks.

See another AFT report from
In Which a UFT Unity Member Lectures Me on Democracy 


  1. Will authorizer reform facilitate the approval of more charter schools? That is exactly the type of change I am seeking.

    Abigail Shure


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