Thursday, December 8, 2016

Moskowitz Lies and Distortions: Eva's sneaky, misleading argument. Here's what's missing

The Daily News gave Moskowitz propaganda space to argue she can help integrate the schools - really what she is doing is lobbying for more space to push out public schools and take over entire school buildings.

I picked this info up on an email thread - source unknown.
Talking points:
a) the % of students who are special ed; or ELLs or title 1 eligible
b) the enrollment by grade level (which would tell you what's she's counting)
c) to portray the charter schools as saviors and the antidote to racial segregation is disingenuous as charters are notoriously for skimming off the top which is to say cherry picking their kids which is to say reducing diversity.
d) are these aggregated numbers

2014/15 (the last year for which complete data is available on NYS website):

Success Academy, Bed Stuy1: 2.1% white
Success Academy, Bed Stuy2: 1% white
Success Academy, Bx1: 1.1% white
SA: Bx1: 1.1%white
SA: Bx2: 1.1% white
SA: Harlem: 1.1% white
SA: Bensonhurst: 53.9% white; 16.7% Black, 19.4% Hispanic
SA: Bergen Beach: 11.5% Hispanic; 85.2% Black, 1.6% white
SA: Rosedale: 82.6% Black, 14.7% Hispanic, 0.5% white
SA: Springfield: 93.5% Black, 3.8% Hispanic. no whites
SA: Washington Heights: 71.6% Hispanic, 11.4% white, 15.3% Black
SA: Cobble Hill: 29.6% white, 33.2% Black, 26.9% Hispanic
SA: Williasburgh: 30.1% Black, 55.2% Hispanic 9.9% white

So....with the exception of Cobble Hill SA is hardly an integrated school. And Cobble Hill's student pop is driven at least in part by the demographics of certain neighborhoods where she had co-located - as a way to set up a base of operations for her future political ventures.

 Read Eva in the DN, Charting a course to integration: Let charter schools help --- if you can stomach it.

 Here is a short selection - as much as I can take before gagging.
It’s time to make integration a priority.
Consider Success’ Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, school. It’s a model of diversity: About a quarter of the students are white, a third are Hispanic, a third are African-American, and more than half are from low-income households, a level of diversity virtually unheard of in surrounding schools. At the Brooklyn School for Global Studies, with which we share a building, 4% of the students are white and 85% are economically disadvantaged; at Public School 29, a school just four blocks west, 74% of the students are white and only 10% are economically disadvantaged.

Success Academy Upper West attracts students who are zoned for some of the city’s most desirable schools, including 73 applications in 2015 from families zoned for PS 199, the vaunted elementary school at the center of that recent integration battle.
Hey Eva - how many of those 73 applications to your school actually took your school over PS 199?

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  1. More bull shit from eva moskowitz I guess we all have to live with this witch in our lives now and probably for the rest of our careers seeing this wart face goon lying like the devil. Its worth reelecting diblasio just to keep this witch in check because if bloomberg was still her she would be sitting at tweed right now having coffee picking spaces for her phony baloney charter schools. I like the orange colors the kids where similar to prison garbs at rikers island.


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