Friday, December 16, 2016

Mulgrew Pulls Scare Tactics Card on Opt Out Over Loss of Funding as Parents/Educators Point Out Untruths

Leonie Haimson:
No school or district lost funds last year when 95% of districts didn't make 95% participation rate. I guarantee they won't this year either. You can only cry wolf so many times. There is nothing about withholding funds; and it looks like John King’s ESSA regs will be junked anyway. See
Mulgrew slammed the opt out movement as threatening funding at the Delegate Assembly on Weds as reported here and here. 
But we knew that from the Unity Caucus leaflet from last June which led to a leading parent group, NYSAPE, to chastise Mulgrew, Parent Opt-Out Group Slams Mulgrew Over Unity
Caucus leaflet.

For decades I and others have maintained that our union leaders often function as agents of ed deform - the facilitators, the handmaidens of teacher evaluation systems, common core, charters, here. A complicated dance, trying to convince people to shove castor oil down their throats no matter how revolting?
testing, etc., while at the same time speaking out of the other side of their mouths in trying to convince the members they are opposing ed deform but at the same time arguing for some aspects of ed deform. Read about Mulgrew's passionate defense of the evaluation system

Does the UFT/AFT have a dog in the race? Opt out has scared the shit out of the deformers, yet our union leaders react like it is a plague. Why?

The Mulgrew quotes were put to a parent dominated listserve:
Q Will opt out put funds in danger? A Opt out is now dangerous. If 95% in a district don't participate in tests, ESSA law says funding can be withheld.
Q—Portability—Can they do that without ESSA, and will opt-out movement hinder us?

Opt-out now really dangerous, they will enforce 5% provision. They want to defund us. If we give them a reason….ESSA says we still must give standardized test and info must be public. Said civil rights community was very strong on that. Says feds have right to withhold Title one funding.
Here are some responses so far from a variety of people.

Sounds like the words of a sell-out and a coward.... NYC Principal
Another NYC Principal"
Based on what I know regarding ESSA, the withholding of funds is not on the table. Even Elia at this week's board of regent meeting did not mention the withholding of funds. She mentioned students receiving a score of not proficient. Which Betty and the regents were pushing back on.

Jia Lee, Chapter Leader:
He gets his direction from Randi. It's how she keeps local 1 (NYC/UFT), the largest voting block statewide and then nationally in the AFT, in line with whatever agreement that's been made with corporate bureaucrats. I smell desperation.  Meanwhile Randi values her connections to those very people, and perhaps it's because she knows the imminent threat to our union; at the same time, her own fears put us into ever more compromising positions. What we need is a resolve that goes beyond any fear tactics.

Teachers Is it true that Randi took a poll of UFT members last week and is ready to announce the union's re-election endorsement of deBlasio and Cuomo?  I understand she's holding off declaring support of Elizabeth Warren for Prez in 2020. Thinks that would be premature and not sure which way the wind is blowing.


  1. Today's NY Post has an Op-Editorial mentioning Randi along side DeBlasio and the author a pro charter advocate does note one important observation. The author claims that Randi and DeB are touting the PROS schools as viable alternative to charters. From what I know and hear about PROS they are schools that for all intents and purposes are just like charters. UFT members are in deep trouble if this is the wave of the future for public education.

  2. Not just like charters which are run by opaque forces with rotating teaching staffs and no input at all from outside. They are governed by a union contract which even if weak is still a contract. Your not understanding this difference is one reason we are in the shape we are in. We really must educate ourselves on what charters
    are and why even prose schools are better because they are still in the public sphere and we can be an election away from changes. Don't forget that if a Bloomberg clone instead of deB were there who knows how many schools would have been closed down and every bit of room given over to charters.

  3. Why would Randi support Elizabeth Warren? She did not support Sanders. Was that a joke?

    Abigail Shure

    1. If his name was Bernice Sanders he would have been supported. It's not ok for guys to be sexist, but it is for the AFT president - especially if her sexual preference is protected by political correctness.

    2. Ridiculous! She supported Thompson , Clinton and now Ellison for DNC Chair (it's become a difficult fight for him). No offense, but if I was running for office, I would run from a UFT endorsement. They all seem to backfire and Heaven help us, Teachers are a cantankerous lot.


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