Monday, April 16, 2018

Ed News Overflows While I am Away - Cuomo Protects Unions From Janus

I've been traveling in Greece and will return later today but have tried to keep in rudimentary touch with the ed news. There is so much to report and my fellow bloggers have been doing a great job --- just check out the blogroll. Opt out and the awful tests is a hot item and with math tests coming soon I have a lot to report. But not till I get back and go through the backlog.

Another story is the rescue of the unions in our state where they won't have to offer services for those who drop out. I actually called for that a year ago but was told it would be illegal. While the UFT is what it is, I don't advocate leaving unless people who left actually tried to organize an alternative. But most of these people are whining but not capable of really doing much. So screw them.

I have been predicting for a year that the UFT and other unions are too much a fabric of the control of the members to be allowed to be weakened by Janus. And the red state rebellions with wildcat strikes have reinforced that point though it won't stop the Supreme Court from making us all right to work.

I believe that Unity has such tight control they can counter any moves towards militancy.

I don't have time to get into more details, so check out Arthur, James and Chaz and the comments.


Cynthia Nixon, Andrew Cuomo, and the UFT Learning Curve



We have copied below the entire new New York State law protecting unions. Thanks to Bennett Fischer for sending us the law.


Governor Cuomo Rescues The Unions From Janus

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