Thursday, April 26, 2018

UPDATED With Link: TODAY, OPT OUT - Brian Lehrer 10.30-11, Johanna Garcia

For those who missed it, go to
Johanna SLAMMED this interview. And Jody (first caller) was amazing.
Finally, breaking the sound barrier.

Greetings Everyone!

After a week or so of flexing some serious activist muscle, we have wrangled an interview on the Brian Lehrer show on line, or 93.9 FM from 10.30-11 today (Thursday) Listen as Brian interviews Johanna Garcia (President, District 6 CEC) and Richard Buery (former Deputy Mayor under De Blasio and Chief Policy Officer for KIPP), discussing the pros and cons of high stakes testing. 

We are so grateful for the strong voice and advocacy Johanna is doing on behalf of NYC students, and to all those who have worked tirelessly to move the needle on bringing more awareness of the harmful effects of state tests in NYC. If you've not seen this video, it's worth a view and a share. Thank to Ted Pauly for this great piece!

And if you have some stories to share, we are compiling here, which will be very helpful if you fill this quick questionnaire out and share with your community. See explanation below.

Opt Out & Test Prep Troubles:
Your NYC Story

Parents: Were you or your child given false or misleading information about opt out from someone in your school or district? Were you or your child treated unfairly or pressured to change your mind about refusing the tests? Do you feel like the nature, amount, and frequency of test preparation is out of balance in your child's school?
NYCDOE employees: Did your superintendent, principal, or other supervisor pass on false, misleading, or incomplete information about opt out or its consequences? Were you asked to dissuade families from refusing the test or encourage them to take it? Is the curriculum you are expected to teach dominated or inappropriately shaped by test prep?
Please fill out the form below to help NYC Opt Out document the difficulties New York City families and educators encountered during the spring 2018 testing season. If we share your stories on the web or with the press, we will not include any specific identifying information (your name, school, etc.) unless you give us permission to do so.

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