Friday, October 12, 2018

Ednotes Exclusive: What Psychological Screening in New Contract Will Look Like

As the UFT Delegate Assembly votes overwhelmingly in favor of the new contract after being given 5 minutes to read 50 pages after a 2 minute speed reading course, Ed Notes has learned what the DOE and UFT will be looking for from potential teachers in the psychological screening.

The most important factor will be the ability to follow orders without questioning them followed by showing a willingness to support UFT president Michael Mulgrew no matter what he says.

Recruits will listen to hours of Mulgrew reports to the Delegate Assembly and have to pass a multiple choice test and screened based on their level of agreement.

For the DOE section they will be given supplies and told to clean the toilets and graded on their abilities. Anyone questioning the order will be eliminated from job consideration as psychologically unfit to work for the DOE and sent to the nearest Saudi Arabian consulate for further testing.


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