Sunday, October 14, 2018

UFT Contract Update: Rush to Judgement - Why?

Contract voting to begin this week in schools, voting must be completed by October 31 - since it is Halloween you must wear a costume - preferably a Mulgrew mask - to make your ballot valid.  Ballots due at AAA by Nov. 2. I assume count will begin Nov. 3 or 4. In 2014 when MORE mounted a NO Vote campaign, I and others observed the count. With the MORE contract convention set for October 27 - a mystery to me why with all the news of an impending contract MORE and the obvious conclusion that what was needed was prep for a NO vote campaign rather than the original agenda established last April for a campaign for a “good” - or in the old parlance - a just Contract - MORE wasn’t better prepared. So there will be a 2 week window to organize something. Predict th usual about 75-80 percent YES.
The UFT/Unity Caucus leadership has gone to extra lengths to rush this through. Why?


  1. Because any debate is bad. They the leaders have agreed to this contract and therefore it is good, period. There is no need for discussion or debate. We say it's good so what else is there to discuss? They slapped some lipstick on the pig that is the UFT and are pretending that the negotiations were done by teachers for teachers. It's a total crock but, they know the vast majority will never get nor hear any input on this contract or the process other than what their CL's might say to them. The vast majority will just spew the verbal diarrhea their DR tells them about how wonderful it all is. The longer they let any vote linger, the greater the reach of the dissenters. There is no benefit for them to delay and every incentive to rush it through as if this is so good we must all jump on it before we let this great deal slip away. Just my opinion. : (

  2. I will vote "no" on this one. It does not address a single one of my suggestions or needs. Teachers are roundly abused by administrators, and even on the rare occasion when you do get UFT to take it all the way to arbitration, you will wait about three years. Our "empowered" principals are - by and large - just a band of crooks who steal from kids and taxpayers every day. When, where, how does our union protect us - hardly ever. Sad part is teachers are their own worst enemies -- the DA on Friday's vote being a perfect example. Cannot wait to get out of this sick, sick system, which the union mirrors in so many ways.


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