Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Video: School of Secondary Journalism Student Walkout - Student Leader Gets in Touch

Here is a follow-up on the walkout of students yesterday at the Secondary School of Journalism on the John Jay HS Campus in Park Slope: STUDENTS ORGANIZE WALKOUT at Secondary School of Journalism - Complain About AI Principal Livingstone Hilaire

Leonie has been in touch as I posted on my original link. And here is an email from the senior student who organized the walkout -- I'm not using the name, nor am I reporting on the parent who is my contact. Why give the enemy info?
Good morning Mr. Scott,

I’m a 15K463 SSJ senior student who organized the walk out to protest against the principal and other wrongdoings within the school. I was networked with you and I want to thank you for picking up on our story. I will be sending you photographs and video clips from the walk out that occurred on November 5, 2018. If any questions or concerns feel free to email me. Thank you, and have a good day.

In the video we are chanting “SSJ will pay for our GPA!”

Here are some comments on the original post:

Leonie Haimson
Monday, November 5, 2018 at 4:13:00 PM EST

Parents and students throughout the country have rebelled vs the Summit system b/c the students start to hate school, fall behind and become disengaged from their learning having to stare at computer screens for many hours per day. Moreover, all their personal data is being scooped up by Mark Zuckerberg via his CZI LLC. See the recent NY Mag article or the many blog posts I've written about Summit -including https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2017/08/30/parents-cite-student-privacy-concerns-with-popular-online-education-platform/?utm_term=.991a38a334ee and https://www.studentprivacymatters.org/parents-rebel-against-summitfacebookchan-zuckerberg-online-learning-platform/ and https://www.studentprivacymatters.org/update-on-summit-schools-including-my-visit-to-a-summit-charter-school/ and https://www.studentprivacymatters.org/zuckerberg-and-the-parent-pushback-vs-summit-schools-inbloom-reprised/ and https://www.studentprivacymatters.org/serious-privacy-concerns-with-new-summitfacebook-platform-used-in-100-schools-across-the-nation/

Leonie HaimsonMonday, November 5, 2018 at 4:14:00 PM EST
Students or teachers at this school - pl get in touch w/ me at leoniehaimson at gmail dot com; thanks!

Tom Forbes
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 7:55:00 AM EST

Very interesting. I first met Livingstone when he was the principal at what is now Harvest Collegiate on 14th street. I can not remember the old name of the school but he ran it into the ground and they closed it and changed the name. The parent coordinator there would enter classrooms during class time and yell at teachers. Kids basically did whatever they wanted. He is a very nice and funny person but a horrible principal. He asked me to stay and help fix the school, I declined. I later was assigned to Bread and Roses and they had a principal who put his hands on a student and Hilaire was brought in until a permanent replaced could be recruited by a non-profit involved in the school. He was horrible and spent his time in the office while the school was completely out of control. AP Ali would go around yelling, screaming and cursing at the students and apologize to the student body for his behavior. It was on the chopping block and since has be closed, renamed and the like. Dwyane Clark came in for a staff meeting one time around Christmas and listened to Hilaire stand up routine and everyone laughed their asses off and then we went on break. Came back to a completely dysfunctional learning and teaching environment. That is when I saw how complicit the UFT is/was in dealing with abusive and incompetent school leadership that directly affected their members. While on my ATR tour, I ran across Hilarie consulting principals at Unity HS in the old Norman Thomas, said hi, a little small talk and then he disappeared. I wanted to ask him his secret on staying in the DOE even after all his missteps. Still up to no good.

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Anonymous said...

Let me define Livingston Hilaire for you. For many years, Hilaire has created a workplace environment of bullying, mistreating staff, filing false allegations, making racial comments, yelling, and cursing (Verbal Abuse). He also has misappropriated school funds. Hilaire has threated and abused teachers because Hilaire believes strongly that he is a very capable Principal but he is unable to distinguish between firm leadership and bullying.

Hilaire has a case pending in the New York Southern District Court, Judge Vernon S. Broderick. Case #: 1:17-cv-04849; Nature of Suit 442 Civil Rights-Employment 442:2000e-2e Job Discrimination (Unlawful Employment Practices). The case was filed on June 27, 2017. The case management plan and scheduling is as follows: Deposition due by 2/15/2019, Fact Discovery due by 2/15/2019, Status Conferences set for 4/5/2019 at 11:00 AM before Judge Vernon S. Broderick.) (Signed by Judge Vernon S. Broderick on 10.17/2016) (jca). If anyone knows someone that is victim of Hilaire’s bullying, etc., please ask them to share their incident(s) with us on this website.

An education that fails to provide a child with social, academic, and other tools needed for college- and career-readiness does not constitute “free, appropriate public education” (FAPE). Therefore, Summit Learning and Izone Learning does not meet the goal of educating to maximize every student’s potential and progress toward grade-level achievement of students’ academic needs. Please parents protest Summit Learning and iZone/iLearnNYC Innovation Institute. Your child (ren) will not receive an appropriate education and will not graduate on time.

Lastly, how can an administrator (Livingstone Hilaire) that breaks the laws, is disrespectful, bullies, verbally abuses, etc., be still employed at the DoE?