Wednesday, November 7, 2018

UFT Contract Vote: Where are the numbers? Lack of Transparency Leads to conspiracy theories

"Hey, Norm, I bet they began counting the ballots the minute you were out the door." Comment on my post on "observing" the contract vote last Friday.

I've always pretty much accepted the results to the AAA counts on elections and contract votes, especially when I was able to observe the counts. I saw ballots being pulled from envelopes early Friday afternoon. Why weren't they being put in counting machines?

This one took a hell of a long time and I pretty much accepted the story. But I also expected the detailed results to be published. Details like the % and hard numbers for each of the 14 contracts and also the % of those who voted on each contract. I would also like to see the numbers on each of the divisions - high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.

These numbers are available as every voter was checked off on master lists. But I will say that the primitive nature of how this count was conducted makes the voting snafus we saw yesterday look mild.

I went to the UFT Ex Bd meeting on Monday night expecting to get some real numbers on the contract vote, which according to UFT officials, went through Saturday and into Sunday morning. It didn't happen. I'm sorry the non-Unity Ex Bd people didn't push harder for answers. But only 3 of them were there, two from New Action.

We were told that the turnout was the same as in 2014 which I thought was over 90% but apparently it wasn't. I heard a number like 79%. MORE is reporting 70% voted as a sign that the 30% non-voters are a sign of protest, or disinterest, but I don't know where the numbers are coming from.

I was at the count in 2014 and I remember it all taking place in one day so I can't quite understand the delays.

People are contacting me and casting some doubts on the process and maybe even the outcomes.

Tossing out the 87% YES vote as the major outcome is misleading.
The reports on Sunday were that 80-85% of the teachers voted YES was confusing. My guess this is UFT/Unity spin --- where are the exact numbers?

The UFT leadership needs to get out the numbers ASAP as transparency is important and I hope they put out a fact sheet at the Delegate Assembly today. If there are still the same sketchy reports then I may jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon.

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