Sunday, January 12, 2020

Does Pelosi Impeachment and Delay Help Biden? Hell Yes - But Was it intentional?

My little suspicious mind started working overtime over the possibility that the entire time-table of the impeachment process, led by smart people who full well understand the nomination timetable, were playing internal Democratic Party politics, knowing full-well the leading left wing candidates - Warren and Bernie - would be put out of commission for weeks in the crucial January weeks? What about centrist Senator Klobuchar? She's so far back she becomes collateral damage.

What did Pelosi gain by the delay? And the initial timetable could have been sped up. After all, we know the Senate will not remove Trump and the best chance to get rid of him is to beat him in the election. My guess is that that is less likely than it was in September.

For three years the Dems have talked about Russia and Ukraine but not very much on the disastrous climate issues or housing or education or any of the crap the Trump team has perpetrated on this country. Just the attack on Obama care alone should have been front and center. At least Bloomberg ads are doing some of that work.

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