Saturday, January 4, 2020

Iran Response: Are People Like Graham and O'Connel in Danger?

I've read stories about Suleimani for years and was thus shocked that Trump would take out such a prominent target who was a fairly public figure and didn't seem to fear assassination from even the Israeli assassination machine. The NYT article below points out some of these issues -- that even Bush and Obama knew enough to realize that killing him was a Katy bar the door moment and took the gloves off all kinds of stuff in terms of the kinds of targets now up for grabs.

Will Iran attack American civilians? Certainly possible. But what if they target close Trump associates? There is no way to protect all of them. Imagine even Trump properties and children being targets now? Jeez, the devil is our of the can.

Iran doesn't have to go to war openly. And just when there was some push back in Iran to the government, Trump hands them an excuse.

I imagine Iran will actually have an atom bomb in the not too distant future. I.e. Would Trump assassinate a North Korean high level official? If Iran had the bomb they would be more protected.

Here are some stories on the situation.


  1. No doubt the move was quite a surprise to General Suleimani and his close friend Ayatollah Khamenei. Two days prior the Iranian leader (Ayatollah Khamenei) taunted Trump via Tweet as Newsweek (and all the other outlets) eagerly reported: "Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Taunts Donald Trump Over Iraq Embassy Violence: 'You Can't Do Anything' " (

    I'd nominate that one as the dumbest tweets in human history.

    Beyond that, the fact that the hitherto reluctant Trump pulled the trigger might clue the mullahs to the fact they are now playing with fire. Apparently Trump has Iran's operational oil fields in our bombsights should the mullahs continue their nonsense. Even they realize this.

    Of course the Dems are faux frighty-scared - they can't possible admit Trump did the right thing at the right time.

  2. The peculiar reaction of leading Democrats such as Warren and Buttigieg (both of whom should have particularly strong reasons for hating the Iranian regime - as a reminder to both of them the Iranian regime virtually enslaves and oppresses women and publicly executes gays) to the death of General Suleimani is particularly appalling. No wonder these phonies (Warren and Buttigieg) are being laughed at by thinking Americans and stand no chance in either a primary or general election.
    The Democratic tactic of thinly disguising their inability to support anything Trump does via a fake veneer of concern for future Iranian unknowns is doomed to failure. It smacks of cowardice and appeasement.
    One would imagine that - beyond the usual "Death to America" blah blah blah chants - Iranian leadership is well aware they themselves could be next. It is not Graham and McConnell who are is Iranian Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini and President Rouhani who are anxiously and wisely checking their windows for an incoming Tomahawk. They saw what happened to their very close pal.

  3. Funny but a section of the left have not bought the standard Democratic line on Trump re: Nafta, Russiagate, Ukraine - where they feel a right wing coup was instigated by the bi-partisan war party.
    Americans wouldn't have been getting killed if they didn't have military operations in all these countries. Bernie has been genuinely anti-war and is a reason Dems hate him. Trump had been coming of as less nuts than Bush - who should really have been impeached which many progressives called for. Suleimani and others have been state sponsoring these actions forever and we are included as perps. This assassination goes to a new level and it Iran doesn't respond they will look so weak so they must. Question is when and how. I think they won't do anything on American soil. But at the very least there will be an eye for an eye. This puts Trump into the camp of doing this for election reasons just like the Ukraine deal - and if you don't think he is capable of killing people for his own ends you are drinking a strong does of the Kool Aide.

  4. You sound like Neville Chamberlain

  5. Iran's number one enemy is Israel, that is the reason for Hezzbolla in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. Netanyahu was always trying to get a war going with Iran, with Americans doing the bleeding of course. Maybe Trump should do as the Dems want. Total withdrawal and let Israel and Iran fight an all out war.

    1. I'd bet on the ones who have nukes and we know who they are.


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