Friday, September 11, 2020

Teachers Walking Out at Queens MS when not told of Positive Case - this is a precursor of more to come

My school has a positive COVID case on our staff.  The DOE knew about it yesterday by 2pm, but didn’t notify anyone on staff. We learned about it from our UFT chapter leader.  We didn’t get any of the test and trace protocols the DOE is claiming to provide.  We picketed this morning and now a smaller core of staff is refusing to enter the building and demanding PD be held remotely. Other staff are trickling out and joining us as things go on.  We clap whenever new staff members join.  We will picket again at lunchtime. Lots of people asking how they can support call 311 and report how alarmed you are about the conditions at IS230, and the DOE’s failure to provide promised track and trace protocols.

I’m looking forward to a response from the UFT. Strong support for walkouts like this would give the leadership some Creds which have been severely damaged.

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