Friday, December 24, 2021

United for Change Key Candidates and Program for School Safety - Camille Eterno to oppose Mulgrew for President

Anonymous said... The candidate for president is smart, tough, collaborative, creative, ethical, kind, good manager, respectful, realistic, tiptop teacher, deeply concerned about young people, stalwart CL with a sense of humor. We had divergent opinions on some issues. Just part of life. As CL, she always had our backs. When you work in the trenches, Camille is the person you want next to you! 

Friday, December 24, 2021

After months of deep discussions and building a working coalition out of constituents parts, United for Change (UFC) made its first public statement Sunday evening. I gave some background on the constituents of the United for Change coalition: Four Caucuses and an Uncaucus - What Is United for Change? 

The focus of the announcement addressed the health and safety issue re the massive COVID outbreak. Since Sunday, things escalated in the schools, with Mulgrew coming under increasing criticism for seeming indifference to the crisis UFT members, especially those with children of their own, have been facing. The DOE/UFT endorsed testing program is a disaster. Now Mulgrew is talking - for PR purposes - about testing. But he is toothless to do anything about it unless he called for teachers to walk out of unsafe schools -- and he will not do that because the UFT/AFT doesn't want to face media criticism that they want unsafe schools to close. Our unions are part of the educational industrial complex.

Of course I'm thrilled that Camille is the candidate. I met Camille when James invited me to a Queens diner to meet with some dissidents over 20 years ago and we attended their wedding around 17 years ago. James was the ICE/TJC candidate for president in 2010 - the first time a husband and wife have run for that office -- except for the Clintons but let's not go there. Camille has been receiving comments of support from many of the people she has worked with over the years -- there's no better endorsement than from your colleagues.  

How the pandemic will affect the elections is a growing concern. How do you petition in schools? And campaign? This certainly benefits Unity.

Blogs made the announcement days ago but I've been too busy doing retirement couch potato things.


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