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Mulgrew/Unity Caucus Leadership Mocked: The MulCave and MulgrewCare - defining words for his regime

We are going to try and get 90% turnout [in UFT elections] from my school. UFT staff number over 150. We had a meeting last week and had the largest turnout I have seen for a union meeting in many years. There is a LOT of anger at the leadership in my school.... Twitter

How is the Mulgrew/Unity machine doing? Certainly not well on canpaign donations to losing candidates and on the class size push focusing on Corey Johnson who the UFT endorsed. 

[Note - Unity stalwart Dave Pecoraro and friend of Ed Notes opposed the Johnson nomination and was tossed off the Unity Delegate Assembly slate - Call it the Pecoraro revenge.]

Leonie Haimson: Weak & even irrelevant evidence offered by city to back up their claim that in-school transmission is low

“He [Chockshi] said that even if virus rates continued to rise across the city and in schools, “we estimate that in schools about 98 percent of close contacts do not end up developing Covid-19.”  Where’s this data? 

Where is this data should be the kind of question being asked by UFT leadership.

Mulgrew and his small coterie of advisors are not doing too well on the COVID response either, with the open schools at all costs despite raging infections movement gathers steam with Mulgrew making weak ineffective noises.


And the Memes Mocking Mulgrew --MMM 

Here is a collection of public and private comments gleaned from FB, twitter and emails. Not just from the oppo activist wing but rank and file. When the UFT leader becomes a laugh out loud joke it spells trouble. Enough to lose an election this spring? Odds have dropped from "no way" to a thousand to one.

Here's one on how the union has been breaking down.Where do you file a concern?

You understand you have a revolt brewing in the ranks, yes? That members are scared, angry and concerned about January, and are going to take this out on leadership for not doing anything effective to keep them safe, yes? You understand this was a bridge too far?--- rbe @perdidostschool to UFT Paid shill

Is Mulgrew some sort of secret genius whose plan it is to topple his own caucus? I say crazy things sometimes. ----Do Your Job, @straightplimp

Also like...big announcements today. Where's Mulgrew lol??... Brewing something up in the Mulcave... Brewing up a strongly worded email that implies he will fight this all and then another email from Sunday night saying we'll we got everything we wanted so we're going in...anon.

The MulCave and MulgrewCare may become defining words for his regime.
I am disgusted by what is being spewed by ... the email that I was just asked to send to all families is convoluted, does NOTHING to keep us safe. It is not easy to understand, and does nothing to prevent spread on 01/03. They want us all to get covid!
Anonymous comment on ICE Blog...

I was diagnosed with Covid two weeks ago and the Situation Room NEVER CALLED ME. My principal was in charge of all quarantine procedures. Also, many other teachers at my school developed Covid in the last week of school. The NYS covid dashboard is not listing the new numbers of staff who have covid. This whole thing is a total fucking sham to hide the real numbers. I am hoping Adams can clean this mess up but who knows..  It's Official: The UFT Does Not Give a Shit and Mike Mulgrew is the Grim Reaper

There was a positive case in my class every week since Thanksgiving. Anyone really believe the DOE gonna us weekly rapid tests? And how does this work in h.s. when the positive student has 7 different classes they attend with 7 different groups of students and teachers?

So many kids will get sick we’ll be teaching small class sizes. Half the staff will be out all of the time. I feel like I’m in a fucking experiment.

The lack of compassion is beyond anything I could have imagined even a year ago
Dear parents: says schools are safe and will be open. He doesn’t have children in a school. He maybe talks to our president who is zooming for work these days. Ask your child’s school: are they prepared to be full contact tracers?
They're gonna be so mad when they told parents schools will never close again, and a) people keep their kids home not believing their bullshit and b) instruction grinds to a halt when staff call in. literally the exact same people will be like you have all the safety measures you need and also you don't need any
A retiree mocking UFT retiree healthcare committee: 
I couldn't refrain from laughing out loud when I read on page 6 of the 12/16 issue of New York Teacher that Mulgrew plans to have member input when negotiating the next contract and health benefits and that he wants to form a negotiating committee. 
"The health care group," he said, "would work much the same way as has the 50-member retiree health care committee that was formed last spring to provide feedback on retiree health care priorities . . . a group of informed health care advocates who can talk about the issues and challenges in this area with other members." Good luck to this new health care committee in actually getting their voices heard!
Jen Jennings is a professor at Princeton who has been on target regarding the push to keep schools open no matter the spread. Are we surprised that the union leadership at the city and national levels are more interested in supporting the economic system than the safety of the members and the children they serve?

The blogs have been active.

Arthur points up the folly at the DOE:

Old Mayor, New Mayor, & Governor Enact Low Standards to Keep Schools Open at Any Cost - The NY Times, which drank the COVID Kool-Aid well before it was even served, is out with the latest account of the mayor's zany antics. Because the Times...
James at  ICEUFT focuses on Mulgrew



Michael Mulgrew's latest email is below. Mulgrew states: "But we won't stop pushing until we are confident that this new plan has been implemented fully by Jan. 3." In all likelihood it won't be fully implemented and then what does Mulgrew intend to do? You know the answer.

South Bronx Schools too:

Mike Mulgrew Folds Like a Cheap Suit For Eric Adams and a Mayor Who is Gone in Three Days

Unity hacks and trolls complain that our hands are tied. Compare and contrast:

More memes:

The NY Post mocked DOE Educrats, morphed into UFT Fat Cats:


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  1. Spot on, friend. This elections However, I say that if Mulgrew thinks he'll lose, he'll just decide to "retire" or take a job elsewhere. No way his ego will allow him to be 'defeated." Hope he takes 90% of his coven (especially Leroy Barr) with him.

    I wish I knew why Dave Peccorraro were still such a strong supporter of Unity after the dirt they've done, to him and in general.


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