Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Huge budget cuts announced to schools by Adams - Ed Deformers want to degrade public and promote charter schools

Damn, just looked up my school and our budget is being cut by about $1.2 mil
My school is going from about 37 million to 31 million. Large school, large budget
Just saw my school is losing about 800k. We won’t have the money for that 3rd first grade class we really need.

Eric Adams’ literacy overhaul slashes number of NYC reading coaches ny.chalkbeat.org/2022/6/6/2315

These are reports I began to see last night as people checked their budgets. Cutting school budgets is part of the strategy to drive people out of public schools and into charters. Which will lead to bigger cuts in public schools. Just in time for the contract. Watch Adams follow the Bloomberg strategy -- no contract without deep givebacks.

They are relentless. 

Leonie sent this along. 

Yesterday, school budgets for next year were released, and many if not most schools are facing MILLIONS of Dollars in Cuts compared to this year. 

You can find out how much your school’s budget has been cut by plugging its 4 digit DBN code into the DOE webpage here; and compare your school’s total Galaxy budget from 2022 to 2023 by scrolling to the bottom of the page and checking the Grand Total. (If you don’t know your school’s 4 digit code, you can find it by putting its name on the school search page here.  The first letter refers to the borough; then there is a three digit number that follows.)  Some schools, like Fort Hamilton HS in D20, will be cut by as much as $8 million; Forest Hills HS by $4 million.

If enacted, these cuts will make class sizes increase sharply and cause the loss of essential services to kids.  Clearly, neither the Mayor nor the Chancellor are planning to abide by the language or the intent of the new state law passed last week requiring smaller classes.    Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Council may announce a budget deal with the Mayor as early as this week that would cement these cuts in place. 

What can parents do?

  1. Call your Council Members today and tell them to vote against any budget deal that includes these egregious cuts, and to let the Speaker know now that they will vote against a city budget that contains them.  These cuts will tremendously hurt schools and the kids in their districts, and especially in light of the new state class size law, they are potentially illegal. You can find their phone nos. here.
  2. Then call the Speaker Adrienne Adams and leave the same message: 212-788-6850.
  3. Then ask your principal if they are willing to talk on or off the record to me or a reporter about the likely impact of these cuts. So far, many teachers are expressing their outrage on twitter, but so far, I’ve seen no principal speak out. If they are willing, have them email us at info@classsizematters.org Their confidentiality will be protected.

But please make those calls today!

Thanks, Leonie


Anonymous said...

If there are tentative givebacks, WE MUST VOTE NO AND WAIT TILL ADAMS IS GONE!

Anonymous said...

My school lost $900,000. I wonder if I’m still an ATR?

Anonymous said...

Huge drop in enrollment

Anonymous said...

Not all schools are losing students, but their budgets are still being cut. Enrollment drop does not explain away these slashes.

Anonymous said...

budget cuts with so much money around... Adams your ideology is showing