Saturday, June 4, 2022

UFT Election 2022 Results - Districts - How many voted

We finally got this info we had asked to be tracked before the election. We also asked for individual school data but Unity turned that idea down. I got the feeling that some of them were nervous about being held accountable for not getting the vote out. I was interested in our own people seeing how well they were doing in getting the vote out. There's lots of speculation on the data. Why re retiree votes in districts? I was a D00 while my friend was a D27 where she taught. Makes no sense. Note: this is not a reveal of how people voted, just on how many. And we were not given data which I believe we should be on how many were sent out in each district. The UFC braintrust is mulling it all over and I will request the data on how many were sent out which would give us a per centage of returns. In fact that was what was agreed to initially. Just gives us the numbers sent out and we will do the %.



Anonymous said...

Interesting, most of the high school votes in community districts are Manhattan. Wonder what that's about.

Anonymous said... no high school teacher voted in district 12?

James Eterno said...

Most of the high school teacher votes come from D 71 (Manhattan High Schools), 72 (Bronx High Schools), 73 (Brooklyn), 76 (Brooklyn Staten Island), 77 (Queens), 79 (alternative).