Saturday, July 16, 2022

Eviscerating Public Education - The Farce and the object of Eric Adams' School Cuts - Diminish Public Schools to enhance privatization

Mayor Adams called protestors "clowns" and blamed Albany for his budget cuts to schools last night - This protest at a Harlem town hall against the Mayor's huge budget cuts to schools was reported briefly in the NY Post, but not what the Mayor actually ...

Video - Ronnie Almonte - Recently elected Ex Bd me...

There are people who  question the logic of the decision making in pushing school cuts in the face of rising numbers of students abandoning the NYC DOE - let's make it worse and drive more people out. But where are they going?

Some have left the city, some are home schooling and others going to private or charter schools. We know the game of pro-charter Adams and Banks -- drive people to charters. But there is a problem -- the NYC charter cap has been reached. So what to do? Drum up public outcries - funded by anti-union, pro-charter billionaires for releasing the cap.

Despite its weakness, the UFT still remains an obstacle to cost-cutting with even a weak contract and with every loss of a teaching position, the UFT loses dues and political influence. The only way to coutner that would be a massive organizational effort internally and we know the Unity machine doesn't have the DNA to do that. There are things that people are doing to fight this battle - nothing much publicly from the UFT.

Adams has made it clear that mayoral control has got to go and I heard Brian Lehrer actually discuss this with a city council member

Danial Alicea on Talking Out of School WBAI show is addressing many of these issues - so worth a listen. 

Leonie sent this out on budget cuts:

Yesterday, we again analyzed the total Galaxy school budgets via an automated mechanism, using the data posted on the DOE webpage here .  The new spreadsheet is here.  More, including a summary chart, on the website here.

According to our analysis, the overall school cuts now total $1.42B compared to FY 22; with 97% of schools experiencing cuts averaging $940,268 each.

The spreadsheet can be sorted by school district and council district.  Take a look!

Galaxy budgets as of 2022-07-14
And this:
NY City Council members demand mayor ‘immediately restore’ school funding ,” by WNYC’s Jessica Gould: “New York City council members are demanding the Adams administration ‘immediately restore’ funding that was cut from public school budgets for the coming school year, and fill the gap using hundreds of millions of dollars in unspent federal stimulus funds. ‘Principals, schools, and teachers must make important decisions within the next month, and your continued inaction is hampering their ability to make the right choices for students,’ council members wrote in a letter Tuesday sent to the mayor and schools chancellor. The letter was signed by Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and 40 of her colleagues on the 51-member council — the latest in a series of tense exchanges over school funding.” 

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