Sunday, July 24, 2022

Judge grants temporary restraining order to block budget cuts! - Sign up for Monday, July 25, 4PM Zoom to join the the Lawsuit Against NYC's School Budget Cuts -

Judge grants temporary restraining order to block budget cuts! To find out more, join our briefing Monday at 4 PM. - Great news! Late Friday afternoon, Judge Lyle Frank of the State Supreme Court granted a Temporary Restraining Order to block the devastating school budget cuts.
This big win for NYC kids was reported in NY1,Gothamist, the NY Post, Daily News and many other outlets.

One of the best articles on the lawsuit- Leonie Haimson “Nobody is listening” “Nadie escucha” – Manhattan Times News

The judge is the same one who ruled so far for retirees in medicare suit. Look for pressure to get him out by establishment.



Find Out More About The Lawsuit Against NYC's School Budget Cuts - Monday, July 25th, 2022 at 4 PM

More big news in the multi-pronged fight by parents and educators to restore the school budget cuts passed by NYC’s Mayor Adams and the City Council!

In the lawsuit (Tucker v New York City) against the city’s attempt to radically cut budgets filed on July 18, Judge Lyle Frank of the NY State Supreme Court granted the plaintiffs a temporary restraining order – meaning the city is enjoined from making any further cuts to school budgets and the spending must remain at the levels in their FY 22 budgets. The Judge allowed the city to submit arguments in writing against the TRO on Monday, with the plaintiff’s attorney, Laura Barbieri, of Advocates for Justice, to reply to the city on Tuesday. 

The plaintiffs are New York City parents and educators who have joined together to seek redress against these school budget cuts that strip millions from our city's children and schools for the upcoming school year.  

The case will be heard in court on August 4 at 10 AM.  You can read more on the case here:

How Can You Get Involved?

On Monday, July 25th, at 4 pm, via an INFORMATIONAL ZOOM CALL, the case lawyer, Laura Barbieri of Advocates for Justice, will share details about the case to those interested in joining the suit either as a plaintiff or friend/support of the case. 

Leonie Haimson, Executive Director of Class Size Matters, along with other parent and educator leaders, will also join this call. This call is primarily organized by and for New York City public school parents and educators.

Join us. RSVP, right now, to join this call on Monday. We must keep up the pressure on our electeds to restore funding!

Please share the details about this suit and Informational Zoom call with your friends, family, and networks.

Check out The Alliance for Quality Education’s #RestoreTheCuts digital toolkit to learn more about the cuts in your local school and how you can take action to restore full funding for our New York City schools.

Sign AQE's #RestoreTheCuts Petition.

Also, visit the UFT's Fund Our Schools campaign page.

In common struggle,
Educators of NYC

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